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James Carter

March 1, 2023

Metropoly Introduces Passive Income Creation

Web3 is likely to be the most popular trend all over the world in 2023. Even though it will have gained a lot of attention around the world by 2022, it won’t reach its full potential until this year as more resources are put into its development. It will take time for this investment to pay off, but in the middle term, you can expect to see big changes.

Also, there is a lot of interest in decentralized technology in the real estate business. Even though this idea has been talked about for a while, the appearance of new technical ideas like NFTs has sparked new interest and creativity in the field. Even though real estate has been a good investment for a long time, rising prices have made it out of reach for many younger investors. Many experts in the field say, though, that Metropolis is real estate. The NFT marketplace has the potential to change the Web3 landscape in a big way.

Metropoly Introduces Passive Income Creation.

It’s clear that the real estate market is mostly out of reach for most people since some places charge more than $2 million for a simple two-bedroom house. Luckily, Metropoly has a few features that help with this problem.

Metropoly lets people of all ages get into the real estate market through its blockchain-based platform. This lets them use real estate as a hedge against inflation and a way to make passive income. This platform makes it possible for young people to buy homes to secure their futures and gives older people an alternative to or replacement for pensions.

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The Metropoly marketplace sells NFTs that are fully backed by real properties. This makes sure that the value of the NFTs is not affected. The fractional investment feature of the platform makes it possible for anyone to invest in real estate, and this idea has been slowly gaining popularity. Users can buy small parts of a property for as little as $100 through fractional investing.

Users can start investing in real estate with Metropoly by connecting their wallets, browsing the properties, which include apartments, penthouses, and villas, and making a purchase with as little as $100. Metropoly also has a beta version of the platform that lets users see how the marketplace works. For example, they can look at ongoing auctions, payouts, and properties to see how they work. There is also an all-time leaderboard that shows how many fractions of real estate were owned, how well they did, and how much dividend money was made.

Metropoly’s marketplace will have a lot of different kinds of properties from all over the world, such as luxury apartments and villas, which are likely to interest many different types of investors. As the platform grows, big property developers from all over the world may be interested in joining.

Metropoly is also getting a lot of attention for its lucrative contests, like giving away a luxury apartment in the Burj Khalifa for $1 million. Potential investors are sure to talk about and be interested in this exciting chance.

The lucky person who wins the $1 million premium apartment in the Burj Khalifa could make up to $100,000 a year in rental income. To enter the contest, users must do things like tweet about Metropolis, join the Discord or Telegram channel, and sign up for the newsletter, among other things.

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The METRO Presale is Running Out Quickly

Metropoly Introduces Passive Income Creation.

The presale of Metropoly has done very well, and there won’t be many METRO tokens left if things keep moving the way they are. These ERC-20 utility tokens have a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, and you can buy 1 METRO token for $0.0625. You can pay for things with USDT, ETH, and BNB. People who want to take advantage of this ecosystem and all the benefits that come with it should invest early.

In terms of perks, investors who take part in the presale become members of the Platinum Member’s Club, which has many benefits. A Metropoly NFT and early access to the Metropoly Beta are two of these benefits. The more you put into the Platinum Member’s Club, the more you get out of it. In the higher levels, you can get benefits like $10,000 in non-cash transfers (NFTs) for real estate and cash back on rental income. People who invest in the presale earlier will also get bigger bonuses.

A New Way to Earn Rental Income in the 21st Century

The value proposition of Metropoly is clear and compelling. It offers a much-needed solution to the problems that come with investing in real estate. Its fractional investment model makes it available to investors of all ages and backgrounds, and it could push traditional real estate companies to rethink their old ways.

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By making real estate more accessible to everyone, Metropoly could play a key role in getting more people interested in the crypto market again. These kinds of real-world applications are exactly what is needed to help people trust and use blockchain technology more.