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James Carter

June 24, 2023

Mastercard’s ‘Engage’ Programme Enters Crypto Card Market

Mastercard, the world’s second-largest payment-processing corporation, recently made the announcement that it will be expanding its Engage program to assist in the Crypto Card Market scaling of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

According to a news release, Mastercard is expanding its Engage program to enable a variety of cryptocurrency companies to take advantage of the huge global network that the credit card giant maintains.

The world’s largest credit card company recently made an announcement that as part of its worldwide Engage program, it will offer a new track that will make it possible for businesses to rapidly build and scale products that power the Web3 economy.

Mastercard Engage’s goals are to streamline the process by which partners interact with the credit card industry and reduce the amount of time needed to bring innovative products to market by providing partners with access to the global network and experience of Mastercard.

What Contributions Can the Mastercard Engage Program Make to Cryptocurrency?

Mastercard has revealed its intentions to broaden the reach of the Engage partner network, with a particular emphasis on digital assets.

With this growth, we hope to find suitable partners that are able to help us bring innovative crypto card programs to the market.

In addition, Mastercard plans to provide capabilities for converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency through the relationships it has formed.

The industry powerhouse in payment processing is certain that this initiative will improve accessibility and also collaboration for a wide range of firms involved in the crypto value chain. The Engage program will focus on developing partnerships with companies interested in launching crypto cards and collaborating with BIN sponsors (Bank Identification Numbers). These are the two primary areas that will also receive the program’s attention.

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Through the utilization of the Engage program, Mastercard intends to encourage innovation and propel the adoption of digital assets within the financial industry.

The attempt being undertaken by Mastercard is consistent with recent forays into the cryptocurrency field also made by traditional banking institutions.

Companies Dealing with Cryptocurrency That Have Joined the Mastercard Engage Program

Mastercard announced the names of the cryptocurrency payment providers that will also be participating in its Engage program in a press release.

Companies such as Baanx, Credential Payments, Episode 6, Immersive, Monavate, Moorwand, PayCaddy, Paymentology, Pomelo, Swap, and Unlimited are among those taking part in this initiative.

Executive Vice President of Blockchain and Digital Assets Products Raj Dhamodharan made the following comment in an official company document:

“The extension of Mastercard Engage’s network will make it possible for a variety of players, not simply those operating inside the crypto asset ecosystem, to become affiliated with the Mastercard brand. It will make it possible for us to realize our aspirations on a large scale while still ensuring the safety and security of our clients.