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James Carter

June 24, 2023

Bitcoin Mining Operation for Pool Heating Sparks Debate at NYC Spa

A bathhouse and spa in Brooklyn, New York, caused a stir when it said it was running a small-scale Bitcoin mining operation to heat its pools. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Bathhouse said that the energy used to heat its pools comes from Bitcoin mining.

The sauna heats its pools with the heat from Bitcoin mining rigs, which are hardware systems that run the computations for the Bitcoin network. The water from the pools is then used to cool the hardware.

Bitcoin Mining Operation

The company said that running a bathhouse heated by Bitcoin mining “proves to themselves that Bitcoin mining is a viable option” and can be used to heat other buildings.

Since March 2022, Bathhouse has been using a unique way to heat the water. They also accept Bitcoin payments.

Bathhouse is in Williamsburg and opened in 2021. It has a number of services and facilities, such as facials, massages, and even a restaurant.

There are also three pools at the spa, and two of them are heated to more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company’s Instagram post says that the energy from Bitcoin mining is sent through heat pipes and then used to heat the pools.

Along with this creative use of heat, the company is also committed to offsetting its carbon impact and becoming carbon neutral.

Bitcoin network

By doing things like this, they not only help keep the Bitcoin network safe, but they also make money in a sustainable way.

Even so, some people didn’t like Bathhouse’s mining business because they were worried about how Bitcoin mining would affect the environment.

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A new report from The Guardian says that Bitcoin mining puts out as much carbon dioxide as the whole country of Greece.

Also, Earthjustice.org’s figures show that between the middle of 2021 and the middle of 2022, Bitcoin used as much electricity as the state of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and also Rhode Island put together.


“In the year of our Lord 2023, do you think that mining Bitcoin will make you cool? “I’m hoping this is a bad joke,” user @bjjacobs responded.

Another user was worried about who was mining the coin and who was making money from it. Others asked for more information about what was going on.Even though the post was criticized, Bitcoin fans did agree with it.

Bradley Rettler, one of the “Bitcoin philosophers” from the group Resistance Money, wrote on Instagram, “Thank you for securing the network, helping people resist authoritarianism, and giving people financial freedom while you heat your pools!”

Another problem for the crypto mining industry is coming up in Venezuela.

In March, regulators in Venezuela told people to stop mining cryptocurrencies. This came after a probe into a corruption scheme in which crypto wallets were used to redirect payments owed to Petróleos de Venezuela, the state-run oil business.

But as the state’s ban on crypto mining nears its third month, more miners may be forced to sell their rigs and shut down for good.

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Crypto miners in other parts of the world, like Venezuela, are also still struggling with the drop in Bitcoin prices and the rising cost of energy.

Core Scientific, which had the most computing power of any public Bitcoin miner, went bankrupt in December of last year.

Some of the most well known Bitcoin mining companies that are having money problems are Argo Blockchain, Iris Energy, and Greenidge Generation.