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July 3, 2022

Polygon And Fantom Hacked

Within the crypto world, a new DNS assault has been discovered. Hackers targeted Fantom and Polygon after first deceiving the vigilance of Ankr’s DNS provider, particularly their customer service, and getting access to the domain name registrar in order to launch attacks on Fantom and Polygon.

A hacker uploaded a phishing pop-up on Fantom and Polygon users on the morning of July 1, which the hacker had made and posted. The warning was sent on Twitter by an account that simply went by the name CIA.

The con artist initially attempted to trick Ankr’s DNS provider (a third party domain name system), which granted them access to the RPC (remote procedure call, remote procedure call interface) of both the Polygon and Fantom networks. This was the first step toward the scammer’s success.

To be more specific, the hacker pretended to be an employee of Gandi, a web service that provides Ankr DNS hosting. He then asked that they change the email address of the Ankr domain administrator to another email address that he had previously supplied to them. He did this by emailing a false ID to Gandi’s customer care and asking them to make the change.

Mudit Gupta, Chief Information Security Officer at Polygon, has also validated the aforementioned information, which can be seen above. Users are strongly encouraged to make the transfer to other connections or to a different node provider in the meantime.

Scams using cryptocurrencies are becoming more complex, which means that users need to keep their information up to date and exercise extreme caution while doing transactions in order to prevent losing funds.

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