07 May 2023

Polygon Smart Contracts: Powering Next-Generation Blockchain Applications

In the world of blockchain technology, smart contracts play a pivotal role in enabling secure and automated transactions. Among the various blockchain platforms available, Polygon has emerged as a p


14 Mar 2023

Solana vs Polygon: A Comprehensive Comparison

Blockchain technology has revolutionized various industries by offering faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions. As a result, many blockchain platforms have emerged, offering different feature


10 Mar 2023

Polygon Crypto vs Solana: A Comprehensive Comparison

In recent years, the demand for blockchain technology has increased exponentially due to its numerous benefits in various industries. Two popular blockchain networks that have been gaining traction


04 Mar 2023

Polygon partners with Mercy Corps to empower marginalized communities

In order to introduce blockchain solutions to underserved and low-income communities in developing regions, the Polygon blockchain network has partnered with Mercy Corps Ventures, the investment arm


23 Feb 2023

Maximizing Profits with Polygon Arbitrage Bot: A Comprehensive Guide

The practice of taking advantage of differences in prices offered by other markets is known as arbitrage trading, and it is quite common among traders. It is the practice of buying and selling an as


23 Feb 2023

Is It Too Late to Buy Polygon?

After reaching an overbought status according to the 14-Day Relative Strength Index at the beginning of this month, the price of MATIC, which is the ticker for the cryptocurrency that is the driving


27 Jan 2023

Polygon Beats Ethereum on Daily Active Users 2023

Since the beginning of 2023, there have been a lot of exciting changes in the global cryptocurrency market. As the most popular altcoin, Polygon (MATIC) followed the trend and "took over" Ethereum (


23 Jan 2023

Rarible Unveils Free NFT Marketplace Builder on Polygon

Prominent NFT marketplace and protocol On January 18, Rarible debuted its NFT marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections. Any Polygon-based NFT collection will have access to the new self


18 Dec 2022

Polygon Telegram: A New Form of Online Communication

Today’s world is an increasingly digital one. But what about when you want to communicate with a large group of people in a private and secure way? Thankfully, there is a new form of online communic


12 Sep 2022

Starbucks Will Launch a Web3 Experience Later This Year

Starbucks today unveiled Starbucks Odyssey, which will be available later this year and marks the coffee company's first step into creating using web3 technology.  The web3 experience blends


12 Aug 2022

Interlay Releases Bitcoin Cross-Chain Bridge

Blockchain startup Interlay, headquartered in London, has released a Bitcoin-based cross-chain bridge using the Polkadot platform.This bridge, which has been given the name interBTC (iBTC), enables


11 Aug 2022

The Number of dApps On Polygon Reaches 37,000

It was revealed yesterday that the number of decentralized apps (dApps) running on the Polygon network has surpassed 37,000, representing a phenomenal rise of 400% from the beginning of the year to


09 Aug 2022

Polygon and Neowiz launch a web3 gaming platform

Polygon, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, announced cooperation with South Korean game giant Neowiz on Tuesday to establish a new blockchain-based gaming platform called Intella X. Intella X


06 Aug 2022

Mahastra State Issues 100k Polygon Diplomas

The Indian Express reported on Thursday that the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD), in partnership with the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSINS), had awarded about 100,000


27 Jul 2022

Polygon Network Q2 Transactions At $284M

As recently as the second quarter of 2022, Ethereum layer-2 solution Polygon revealed that their network has surpassed a transaction high of $284 million between April and June. The volume of tra


03 Jul 2022

Polygon And Fantom Hacked

Within the crypto world, a new DNS assault has been discovered. Hackers targeted Fantom and Polygon after first deceiving the vigilance of Ankr's DNS provider, particularly their customer service, a


22 Apr 2022

Twitter and Stripe have launch a USDC compensation program

Twitter and Stripe announced the launch of crypto payouts for Stripe Connect on Friday. According to the two firms, a select set of Twitter producers will soon be able to get their revenues in the f

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