crypto hack

crypto hack

20 Sep 2022

Market Maker Wintermute Hacked, $160 Million Gone

According to the CEO of Wintermute, Evgeny Gaevoy, a security compromise caused the company to suffer a loss of 160 million dollars in cryptocurrency. In an early morning tweet on Tuesday, the CE

crypto hack

03 Jul 2022

Polygon And Fantom Hacked

Within the crypto world, a new DNS assault has been discovered. Hackers targeted Fantom and Polygon after first deceiving the vigilance of Ankr's DNS provider, particularly their customer service, a

crypto hack

19 Apr 2022

Arthur Cheong Thoughts on North Korean Hackers

According to Arthur Cheong, founder of DeFiance Capital, North Korean hackers are actively seeking to compromise top crypto organizations. On April 15, he disseminated this information via a tweetst

crypto hack

14 Apr 2022

Hacking Group Lazarus Might Be Linked to Recent Axie Infinity Hack

The US Treasury Department has linked the renowned North Korean hacking outfit Lazarus to the theft of nearly $600 million from blockchain game business Axie Infinity last month. The Treasury Dep

crypto hack

03 Apr 2022

Inverse Finance Suffers as a Result of the  $15,000,000 Hack

On Saturday, blockchain security firm PeckShield issued a warning that the DeFi protocol Inverse Finance had been abused, with hackers stealing around $15 million. According to the security firm'

crypto hack

22 Mar 2022

Founder of DeFiance Capital Lost $1.6 Million to Hackers

Arthur Cheong the founder of large crypto investment firm DeFiance Capital, was hacked on one of his hot wallets, resulting in the loss of more than $1.6 million in nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and bit

crypto hack

24 Jan 2022

OpenSea Users Lost $1 Million to Hackers

Hackers are taking advantage of a weakness uncovered on the OpenSea nonfungible token marketplace to purchase NFTs at dramatically discounted prices and then flip them. Since this morning, hacker

crypto hack

17 Jan 2022 Suspends Withdrawal After Cyber Attack, the major cryptocurrency payments provider, has stated that it will suspend its withdrawal services following many allegations of suspicious activity on consumers' accounts. We have a

crypto hack

15 Jan 2022

Report: North Korean Hackers Stole $400M Crypto Last Year

According to the findings of a recent investigation, North Korean hackers managed to steal a fortune in bitcoin in 2021. North Korean cybercriminals extracted roughly $400 million worth of digital a

crypto hack

09 Jan 2022

Victims of BitMart $200M Hack Speaking Up Again

According to a report from CNBC, cryptocurrency exchange BitMart offered a full refund to victims of the platform-wide $200 million hack, but some users have yet to get their funds. On December 4th,

crypto hack

30 Dec 2021

Polygon (MATIC) Was Hacked Earlier This Month

In a blog post published yesterday, the Polygon development team revealed that it had been hacked earlier this month. Before the vulnerability was closed, the hacker made off with 801,601 MATIC toke

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