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James Carter

March 18, 2023

El Salvador Launches Bitcoin Courses for University Students

The government of El Salvador has made an announcement on the introduction of new university courses in Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network development.

El Salvador Launches Bitcoin Courses for University Students

On Twitter, the Bitcoin Office of the government revealed its upcoming initiatives. It was claimed that its new “CUBO+” classes will be part of an “advanced bitcoin engineering program that lasts for a number of months.”

According to what the office had written, the classes will “provide credit as well as placement for individuals who qualify” for an “inaugural fellowship.”

The office also mentioned that Tether, the company that developed USDT, and Fulgur Ventures, an investment business that focuses on Bitcoin and Lightning, were providing funding for the initiative.

El Salvador Launches Bitcoin Courses for University Students

The Bitcoin Office reports to President Nayib Bukele in a one-on-one capacity.

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It was claimed by the government arm that “the top personalities in Bitcoin from around the world” will be recruited to work as instructors and mentors in the new program.

It was also stated that the mentors would collaborate with “El Salvador’s most talented and intelligent computer science students.”

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This is what the office wrote:

“In the near future, we will be announcing the Bitcoiners who will take part in the event as lecturers and mentors. The pursuit of excellence is the goal. And not any less than that. […] Bitcoin is open to anybody and everyone. And we are going to demonstrate that.”

In addition, the government organization asserted that the development was the consequence of achievements achieved by the El Salvador Bitcoin Embassy in Lugano, which is located in Switzerland. October 2022 was the month that saw the official opening of the embassy.

CUBO+ will be a “first-of-its-kind Bitcoin and Lightning development program” for El Salvador, according to the body that contributed this information.

Things have not gone swimmingly for Bukele and his supporters who advocate for Bitcoin Core (BTC). Since the government acknowledged Bitcoin as a valid form of currency in September 2021, the price of Bitcoin has been subject to extended periods of instability.

A survey conducted by the Central American University in October of the previous year indicated that the majority of Salvadorans (77%) felt that the adoption of BTC has “not benefitted them at all.”

Bukele, on the other hand, will not be easily deterred. As he campaigns for a second term as president of El Salvador in the upcoming elections, his popularity continues to soar to new heights.

El Salvador Launches Bitcoin Courses for University Students

In addition, his administration has cleared the way for the issuing of bitcoin bonds, which members of his Nuevas Ideas party believe will assist in elevating the country’s prominence on the international stage.