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November 22, 2021

Token reDeFines DeFi with innovation to preserve people’s money

Token reDeFines DeFi with innovation.

Whilst the United States experiences inflation more acutely, deflationary assets offer opportunities at creating wealth even in these uncertain times.

As the US economy dealt with the pandemic and its effects, inflation seemed like something that was just passing through. There was hope that once life got back to normal, so would the economy. Now, instead of the economy getting stronger, inflation has stubbornly stayed. Citizens in the United States and many countries around the world are now feeling the pinch. Prices for groceries like toiletries, food and other necessities have hiked. Economists are now considering that inflation may be with us longer than we we exist and well into the new year.

Inflation is the result of global economies anticipating an economic downturn. This maybe met with a fast recovery and a subsequent growth in government expenditures. Enterprises are having to focus on adapting to survive these shifting changes. These changes have in turn affected the global supply chain. The shortages experienced in the supply chain have caused enterprises to to pass on some of the costs incurred to the end-buyer. This then creates a challenge for everyday people who now experience their bank savings getting lower in value.

Therefore, assets become crucial in preserving one’s wealth. However, not just any assets. Assets that have a deflationary basis or those that lower in supply over time. The fact of it is is that as decreasing supply is accompanied by proportionate increasing demand and prices. One asset like this is GOMA Finance. This asset has managed to sustain diminishing supply. In June 2021, the GOMA Finance token began with a supply of 1000 trillion. As of November, 90% of its tokens have been burned from circulation. This has left 10% of the supply. Through usage of this token, users have means of earning. Users can earn if they hold the asset. Users also earn by getting involved in farming. They also earn if they decide to stake it through the platform.

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DeFi for Everyone

Accessibility is important in the ideology of DeFi for many people. GOMA ecosystem had tried to give users resources on the platform that allow for this. These resources by way of tools and mechanisms make a world of difference towards accessibility when it comes to DeFi and NFTs. On the Binance Smart Chain, the GOMA token exists as BEP20/ERC20. This aids the team to ensure lower transaction costs and higher transaction throughput. At the same time, it ensures holders are able to earn.

GOMA has devoted their efforts to redefining the idea of decentralized finance. They attempt to do this with with their hyperinflationary token. They do this whilst many still worry that DeFi is complex and frought with risks. GOMA’s token was designed with great features. These include in-token burning and redistribution features. 30% from each transaction is redistributed back to users. This includes percentages from purchases and sales. Users can rejoice with this understanding because it means they win an another level. Users earn the more they old their tokens. In addition, the more wealth they get back, the more passive income they are capable of earning.

The Community is growing fast

The coin started at $0.00000000029 value in June. The team reported to a tens of thousands of user strong Telegram community their success. They said that with the help of their supporters they had experienced a 376,000% increase since the launch of the coin. To ensure continued growth, the team is focusing on developing partnerships with a platform that quickens the creation of NFTs. They want to work on partnerships with TORII Finance and STEM.xyz.