Bitcoin market price

Bitcoin market price

15 Jun 2023

What is the History of Bitcoin Hard Forks?

The rapid rise and widespread adoption of Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has not been without its challenges. One of the key issues that has emerged throughout Bitcoin's history is the occu

Bitcoin market price

15 Jun 2023

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Invest in Bitcoin for Beginners

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have gained significant popularity as investment assets. Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, offers unique opportunities

Bitcoin market price

02 Jun 2023

How the Upcoming US Jobs Report Might Impact the Bitcoin Price

On Friday, June 2nd, US jobs reports on the US labor market for the month of May are scheduled to be released. The data, which is regularly examined by officials at the US Federal Reserve, might cau

Bitcoin market price

01 Jun 2023

How Will Bitcoin Perform in June? Here Is What History Tells Us

Bitcoin is projected to finish May with a loss of little more than 7%, which will be the first monthly loss for the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market since December of last year. The dec

Bitcoin market price

11 May 2023

What the Latest US Inflation Numbers Mean for the Bitcoin Price?

The latest US Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation numbers just came out, and Bitcoin (BTC), which was up at the time to session highs in the $28,300s, seemed to like it. US Inflation Numbers Mea

Bitcoin market price

03 May 2023

Can Bitcoin Set New Records? Snap its Recent Run of Ugly May Returns?

The price of Bitcoin is already down about 2%, and BTC/USD was last traded in the $28,600s on big exchanges. The cryptocurrency is still up about 73% for the year. Still, traders are worried t

Bitcoin market price

01 May 2023

Lightning Labs Unveils Bitcoin Accessibility for Billions of People-Here’s How

Lightning Labs, a company that specialises in the development of Bitcoin infrastructure, has published an upgrade to Litd, its node management tools, in order to make it simpler for users to interac

Bitcoin market price

21 Apr 2023

Bitcoin in Early Stages of New Bull Market-Here’s Why?

This is what the examination of a well-known technical indicator known as the Market Value to Realized Value Ratio, or MVRV Ratio, reveals. This Ratio, which is computed by dividing Bitcoin's cur

Bitcoin market price

07 Apr 2023

Here’s How the news on Friday will affect Bitcoin Price

The US jobs report for March is due out on Friday, and it could cause a lot of changes in the Bitcoin market. Traders will pay close attention to the non-farm payroll numbers (the net change in j

Bitcoin market price

06 Apr 2023

Why Investors Continue Buying Bitcoin?

According to the most recent Digital Asset Fund Flows report that is published on a weekly basis by CoinShares, the pace of inflows has all but come to a halt one week after digital asset investment

Bitcoin market price

01 Apr 2023

Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Prediction: Will US Final GDP Data Impact BTC and ETH Price

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, has recently shown impressive performance, with its value increasing by more than 4% in a matter of hours. Moreover, the success of other digit

Bitcoin market price

26 Mar 2023

Bitcoin Bears Possible Pullback-Here is Why

According to study of charts, there is a growing likelihood that there will be a decline in the price of bitcoin (BTC) in the near future. The most recent price at which Bitcoin was traded was cl

Bitcoin market price

25 Mar 2023

Bitcoin Price Prediction-What to do Now?

The cryptocurrency market has had choppy sessions as of late, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum struggling to break out of their current price range. This has resulted in the market as a whole being ch

Bitcoin market price

22 Mar 2023

Bitcoin Trading Volumes Continue to Rise-Can BTC Sustain Its Bull-run?

Since the beginning of 2023, the price of bitcoin has been on an upward trend, and this trend has been followed by an increase in trading volumes for bitcoin. Bitcoin's price has increased by around

Bitcoin market price

18 Mar 2023

El Salvador Launches Bitcoin Courses for University Students

The government of El Salvador has made an announcement on the introduction of new university courses in Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network development. El Salvador Launches Bitcoin Courses for U

Bitcoin market price

15 Mar 2023

On-chain Indicators Scream Bitcoin Bull Market as the BTC Price Roars Back

Bitcoin's most recent upswing, which saw the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization hit a new nine-month high on Tuesday in the mid-$26,000s, has been accompanied by a number of key

Bitcoin market price

07 Mar 2023

Bitcoin Miners Ready for Difficulty Market Uncertainty Rise

Miners of Bitcoin (BTC) are preparing for another increase in the difficulty of the cryptocurrency's mining process this week. This comes as the amount of computational power needed to mine new coin

Bitcoin market price

03 Mar 2023

Bitcoin Bulls Excited as Key On-More BTC Price Rally?

Already, the value of the first cryptocurrency ever created and the digital asset with the highest market capitalization increased by more than forty percent in 2018. This rally could continue in th

Bitcoin market price

25 Feb 2023

Breaking News: Bitcoin Price Dips On Hot US Inflation

Bitcoin was last trading in the low $23,000s, down more than 3% from the day before. BTC/USD fell back below its 21-day moving average for the first time in almost two weeks after a hotter-than-expe

Bitcoin market price

22 Feb 2023

Here’s What Investors Think About the BTC Price Outlook

Over the course of the last six days, Bitcoin has spent five of those days attempting to break and hold above the $25,000 barrier, but without success. The world's largest cryptocurrency measured by

Bitcoin market price

19 Feb 2023

Bitcoin Price Prediction as BTC Hits Above $24,000 – Where is the Next BTC Target?

The most valuable and well-known cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, has once again seen a major surge in price, and it recently broke above the $24,000 threshold for the very first time in its hi

Bitcoin market price

15 Feb 2023

Bitcoin at Risk of Major Collapse – Here’s Why

A warning is being sounded by an industry professional despite the efforts of Bitcoin (BTC) bulls to keep the New Year's rise going strong. The year 2023 has, up to this point, witnessed the begi

Bitcoin market price

11 Feb 2023

Bitcoin market sees first realized losses in 2 weeks-What This Means for BTC Price

The ratio of all Bitcoins transferred at a profit or loss dipped below one for the first time in more than 2 weeks on February 9th, according to data from crypto analytics firm Glassnode. This marke

Bitcoin market price

14 Dec 2022

Why is bitcoin falling so much?

What is bitcoin, and why is bitcoin falling so much? These are the two most commonly asked questions about bitcoin, and for good reason. Bitcoin is a digital asset and currency that uses blockchain

Bitcoin market price

21 Mar 2022

Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Forecast 03/20

The last six days appear to be the beginning of a new altseason. Many people were ecstatic to see that many projects had made significant progress. This is reflected in the overall crypto market, wh

Bitcoin market price

05 Dec 2021

Bitcoin Drops Below $50,000

Bitcoin lost almost $20,000 from it's all-time high of above $69,000 just a few weeks ago, going as low as $49,482 today. The price drop has seen the king crypto drop 22% from November 10th. The dro

Bitcoin market price

14 Oct 2021

Bitcoin Goes Below $56k

Bitcoin faced rejection at $57,700 as it failed in its bid for $58,000. The struggle for $58k was the expected needed boost for the a breakout above $60k. Unfortunately this dream was cut short as B

Bitcoin market price

06 Oct 2021

Bitcoin Hits $55k And More Than $280m Is Liquidated

Bulls are grinning hard as they see the most valued crypto increase in price. We saw a more than 9% increase in the last 24 hours. This increase in the price was responsible for Bitcoin hitting $55k

Bitcoin market price

01 Oct 2021

Bitcoin Hitting $44k As A New Month Begins

“It’s about time” many traders are thrilled that Bitcoin returned to $44,000 after more than four days of absence. The price mark attained by the king coin is especially one that many anticipated as

Bitcoin market price

28 Sep 2021

How are Salvadorans using the USD 30 Bitcoin they were given?

There has been a big hassle that has been going on with the Salvadorans with the coming of the digital transformation in the country. The government has offered new users USD 30 worth of BTC cred

Bitcoin market price

27 Sep 2021

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Major Altcoins Stuck Below Resistance

Bitcoin price stayed all around bid over the USD 40,000 level. BTC began a new recovery and moved above USD 42,000. However, the cost is now battling to acquire momentum for a move over the USD 43,0

Bitcoin market price

19 Sep 2021

Bitcoin Strikes And Protests Rise In EL Salvador Against Cryptocurrency

This week, several Central American countries commemorated their independence. El Salvador, which is celebrating its 200th anniversary, is one of them. Thousands of people took advantage of the holi

Bitcoin market price

18 Sep 2021

A Family Who Had Put Everything They Had in Bitcoin – Now This Family Travel The World As ‘Decentralised Nomads’

Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and their three children sold all they owned in 2017 and invested everything they had in Bitcoin. Everything was sold, including Mr. Taihuttu's prosperous computer traini

Bitcoin market price

17 Sep 2021

Revolut is Paying for WeWork Membership in Bitcoin

Revolut, the monetary superapp with 15 million users around the world, reported today that it is partnering together with WeWork, one of the leading worldwide adaptable space providers, as it moves

Bitcoin market price

17 Sep 2021

Ukraine Is the Latest European Country to Legalize Bitcoin

Ukraine is the 5th country in as numerous weeks to lay down some standard procedures for the cryptocurrency market, a sign that administrations around the world are understanding that bitcoin is her

Bitcoin market price

16 Sep 2021

Bitcoin on Verge of Eighth Golden Cross, Protending Run To New High. Is It The Golden Time To Invest?

Bitcoin - Since the market started its current bear phase in March of this year, the crypto community has been divided on how it will proceed. However, there may be signs that the market is poised t

Bitcoin market price

15 Sep 2021

Why has the Bitcoin Price Smashed and Will It Recover?

With Bitcoin prices again tumbling on news that China is to take action against cryptocurrency trading in the country, those with huge wallets of BTC were once again terrifying. The currency has

Bitcoin market price

10 Sep 2021

Is the Bitcoin Craze Making The World Less Protected?

What are the risks with Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first and most significant digital currency and it has seen enormous growth in 2017. But many individuals are cautioning about the risks related to Bi

Bitcoin market price

10 Sep 2021

Bitcoin Rally Expected to Pause

Bitcoin purchasers are in benefit accepting mode as the cryptocurrency tests the $40,000 opposition level. An Estimation has improved over the previous week, although a few investigators believe it

Bitcoin market price

04 Sep 2021

Bitcoin Might No Longer Be The Market Lead

Bitcoin's price has been doing well lately; following a steady, ascending trend for the past several weeks as the leading virtual currency climb toward the all-time high they set earlier this year.

Bitcoin market price

25 Aug 2021

Before Investing in Bitcoin, Consider These 3 Things

If it seems like everybody you know is putting resources into Bitcoin nowadays, indeed, you might be on to something. Cryptocurrency is becoming popular, and keeping in mind that there are numerous

Bitcoin market price

23 Aug 2021

Bitcoin Crosses the $50k Mark

After an ongoing recovery from a disorderly rout just three months ago, Bitcoin has finally crossed $50,000 again. The largest virtual coin has advanced as much as 4.2% to almost $50,019.20 this mor

Bitcoin market price

17 Aug 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stalls After Short-Squeeze Rally

Bitcoin purchasers are in benefit accepting mode as the cryptocurrency tests the $40,000 opposition level. An Estimation has improved over the previous week, although a few investigators believe it i

Bitcoin market price

08 Feb 2022

Bitcoin price returns to ‘critical’ pivot zone as $33K stays untouched.

Bulls are having problems reclaiming lost support levels, but $30,000 remains a solid foundation in Bitcoin's trading range. A sharp rebound overnight propelled the pair to highs of $32,970 after

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