The World Blockchain Summit brings together global blockchain experts and technology players – including start-ups – with regional corporations, government officials, IT professionals, tech entrepreneurs, investors, and blockchain engineers.

The world is getting ready for the 2021 Blockchain Summit, which will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Future Blockchain Summit will be graced by world-renowned blockchain leaders. Corporates, government bodies, and blockchain start-ups are the main attendees at this event. The 2021 Blockchain Summit will feature Conference and Investor Programs.

The Conference Program will take place during the event’s opening stages. During this session, the audience will be treated to motivational presentations, focused case study discussions, regulatory updates, and practical implementation of Blockchain technology. The Investors Program is a program for people who want to invest and learn more about the digital world.

Enterprise use cases, government use cases, inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, tech lectures, a blockchain exhibition, and a start-up pitch are all featured at the conference. The summit is scheduled to happen on 12Oct 2021- 14Oct 2021 in Dubai.


The program will be having the takeaways for every sect:


The program with the government party’s participation can help them devise and create new policies and rules. To provide cost-effective public sector services, workflow automation is used. It is a nice chance for the political leaders and to connect with the advocates and thought leaders. The program also intensifies on conversation and discussion-oriented towards Cost-cutting and cost-optimization for public-sector transformation


With the global investors and big houses participation from all over the world, it is a good opportunity for Investors on board and top-tier advisors to connect with Top tech blogs, media outlets, and journalists who will be covering stories throughout the world. Entrepreneurs can Engage with world-class contractors to identify potential collaborative opportunities and become a Participant in the digital revolution.


A global opportunity to meet founders and future-tech investors and gain in-depth investment insights. It will help them Investigate future-tech investment prospects around the world.


People who are invested in Crypto content can leverage this opportunity as leverage to showcase the insights of the event and meet global leaders who are making waves in their respective fields and engage with government and policymakers to understand the local regulatory landscape. 


STARTUP GRAND SLAM: Startup Grand Slam is a fantastic fund-raising platform for startups (including ICOs) as well as existing businesses looking to expand. They can pitch to worldwide investors such as venture capitalists, angel investors, and government officials. They will also have direct access to Trescon’s Investor Connect service. The winning party will be earning the US $10000 Tescon credits.

STARTUP WORLD CUP: It is a chance to win the start-up World Cup regional cup and fly to San Francisco to fight against 30 other start-ups for a chance to win $1 million.

The idea is to have people participate in tackling the world’s largest concerns through ground-breaking ideas that propel ecosystems forward, as the Start-up World Cup has set a standard for attracting the world’s brightest brains from all over the world.

The whole event has been beautifully categorized into different categories and day activities including pitch deck sessions with reward ceremonies. It is a major and good measure for people who have invested a major stake in the cryptocurrency or have been looking out to learn how the digital market operates. from the event to further the reach of your media presence