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David Agullo

September 13, 2021

Global E-Commerce Platform Ethair Will Allow Purchase in Both Crypto And Fiat Currency

hesitant to embrace. It allows buyers and sellers to transact in fiat currency as well as a limited number of cryptocurrencies. The marketplace’s developers have incorporated Stripe for fiat payments, allowing it to support 45 countries while remaining compliant with laws and regulations and easily expanding abroad. The system will first service the United States and Canada when it launches.

With the implementation of cutting-edge technology, Ethair Market is poised to alter the worldwide marketplace.

The marketplace will first launch in the United States and Canada, with purchases and sales available in the selected cryptocurrency as well as fiat cash. Every purchase earns points, and the only way to gain ETHR (Ethair) tokens for now is to register early.

How They Are Planning To Move Ahead:

Has Maintained An Escrow Account: TheEthair market has used an escrow service to make cryptocurrency payments. It will provide buyers and sellers with the assurance that funds will be deposited upon delivery of the goods. EthairPay is a low-cost bitcoin payment processing platform. It supports the following tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Money, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Dogecoin, USDC, and Ethair.

Easy Integration For Third Parties: The platform aspires to evolve to the point where third parties may easily integrate it with the shops, as well as provide support for NFTs and semi-NFTs on various blockchains. The developers have integrated Stripe for buying in fiat currencies, which will allow Ethair Commerce to expand internationally.

Lower Insertion Charges: Ethair offers lower insertion charges, which are the fees charged each time an item is listed or relisted on an e-commerce website, as well as lower Last Worth Charge (FVF), which is the fee charged after a vendor’s goods is purchased.

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Insurance Policy: In order to boost sales, the Ethair market will allow vendors to add elements to their listings, allowing customers to earn prizes for purchasing things. Ethair Market offers a variety of return insurance policies from which sellers can select the one that best suits their needs. The vendor’s store will be customised so that customers can quickly find the items they’re looking for.

Smart Blockchain Technology

The installation of the NFT marketplace is Ethair’s next important step in terms of future developments. This part is intended to have significantly cheaper fees, assist non-tech savvy buyers and sellers, and introduce novelties to the entire system. Semi-NFTs are also on the horizon for developers, and the EthairPay payment processor is on track to support every mintable state, as well as other blockchain smart contracts.

Easily Manage Listings Through Through The Site:

The Ethair store manager allows you to simply manage your listings, bulk upload, sync your listings count with your inventory stock, message sellers, and monitor whether sales are pending delivery across numerous selling platforms. Ethair Market also features different return policy regulations, allowing you to choose your own return policies. Additional capabilities allow you to personalise your store, establish your own categories, and arrange things to make it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. You can also promote only certain store categories. Verified merchants can even alter the HTML code in their store profiles.

Ethair’s mission is to give the best of all traditional markets and supply everything required for any sort of seller, therefore expansion into warehousing services is also on the horizon. Another idea is to integrate a social networking platform (“0xHello”) with the marketplace so that NFTs may be quickly created, listed, and sold. This would open up a brand-new revenue stream for influencers, allowing them to monetise every post they make by selling limited-edition digital collections of cards, books, and other similar goods.