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January 4, 2022

A Look Into MetaWars: NFT Gaming in Space

Due to their rapid accessibility, entertainment value, and potential to disrupt the gaming industry, blockchain games have long been hailed as one of the primary on-ramps into the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere.

Until recently, the majority of these games were underwhelming and lacked long-term entertainment value. By traditional gaming industry criteria, the majority of them would be classified as mini-games or MVPs. However, MetaWars, a new space exploration, conquest, and fighting game, aims to break the norm by offering a gameplay experience that rewards players with digital assets for their efforts and success. Here is everything you need to know about MetaWars.

What is MetaWars?

MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy/roleplaying game with a large cosmos fuelled by a burgeoning digital currency based on blockchain technology. Use a large collection of NFTs to forge your own path and have an impact on every major event in the Galaxy. It’s up to you to earn a piece of the great treasures that await when battles flare and regimes fall.

MetaWars is a multiplayer game set in a large world in which each player assumes the role of a warrior or an entrepreneur participating in galaxy-wide operations. Gamers will travel across the cosmos using a variety of NFTs to explore and battle. Furthermore, they will form alliances and compete against destructive pirates in order to transform the galaxy and make a large sum of money.

How it Works

MetaWars is a decentralized application (DApp) that will be released on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain in the near future. MetaWars and its features will be accessible via a conventional online browser and Web3 wallet, as with most blockchain games (such as MetaMask).

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Thanks to the game’s story feature, which will progressively emerge via several alliance missions, players will be sent voyaging across the world. This could involve assisting with the defense of the alliance, building starports and ships, and exploring unknown space sectors.

Each main planet will be divided into different parts, which will be referred to as terrain. Players can buy and develop their land to generate money by mining, farming, and renting it out, but they must safeguard their assets against other players who want to loot their resources.

The following are the three main gameplay mechanics in MetaWars:

  • Combat: Players will face a variety of enemies as they travel across the MetaWars universe in this tactical exploration and fighting game. This will eventually lead to PvP and PvE battles, with the winners enjoying a rewarding experience.
  • Exploration: MetaWars has a large cosmos to explore, full of potential riches. Players will be able to explore a cosmos brimming with possibility and danger as the story progresses.
  • Development: Players will be able to create thriving businesses across the MetaWars realm, allowing them to monetize their conquests and efforts while also contributing to the larger, more sophisticated MetaWars player-to-player industry mechanic. Players will acquire and upgrade their fleet of ships, buy and develop their terrain and make use of the marketplace to buy or sell assets as they proceed through the game.

Understanding MetaWars

Users can earn money in the MetaWars game, which features a futuristic sci-fi concept and a multi-layered, key strategic battlefield. In essence, players are given the opportunity to envision themselves in a genuine space exploration with resources that they can conserve and employ. Users can unravel mysteries, find new universes, and defend their riches from adversaries while exploring. All of these challenges allow players to earn NFTs by playing to win. They can then profit from these digital treasures by monetizing them.

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Your major purpose as a player is to work with several game commanders to “reshape the galaxy in missions.” Players would be able to have fun while earning NFTs and collecting limited edition robots through various auctions in the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem.


MetaWars’ play-to-earn concept is not only open, but also fair. Furthermore, the community controls the distribution of in-game tokens. MetaWars is destined to change the crypto market with NFT gameplay, thanks to all of the intriguing gameplay features and its unique and engaging setting.