NFT gaming

NFT gaming

24 May 2023

Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry: An In-Depth Look at Enjin Coin

The gaming industry has witnessed remarkable transformations with the advent of blockchain technology. One project that has gained significant attention and is making a substantial impact is Enjin C

NFT gaming

08 Mar 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Games Marketplace

The Japanese games marketplace is one of the most influential and innovative sectors in the global gaming industry. Japan is home to some of the world's most popular game developers and publishers,

NFT gaming

12 Jan 2023

How to Buy Gaming Crypto?

Gaming crypto, which is also called "in-game currency" or "virtual currency," is a type of digital currency that is used in video games or online gaming communities. These currencies are used to pur

NFT gaming

24 Jun 2022

Axie Infinity will compensate Ronin victims and reopen the bridge

The developer of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, has said that it would compensate those individuals who were hacked via the Ronin bridge and will reopen the bridge the following wee

NFT gaming

19 Jun 2022

Immutable $500 Million Fund for Web3 and GameFi

To aid in the development of Immutable's Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution Immutable X, the Australian gaming company Immutable has announced the establishment of a $500 million ecosystem fund. U

NFT gaming

04 Jan 2022

A Look Into MetaWars: NFT Gaming in Space

Due to their rapid accessibility, entertainment value, and potential to disrupt the gaming industry, blockchain games have long been hailed as one of the primary on-ramps into the cryptocurrency and

NFT gaming

02 Jan 2022

Illuvium: A Decentralized Ethereum RPG Game

The crypto industry's recent boom has resulted in it establishing its footprint on a global scale. Apart from that, some of the primary contributing causes to this success include its very portable

NFT gaming

08 Feb 2022

CryptoKitties: The Ethereum Blockchain P2E Game

What is CryptoKitties? CryptoKitties is a game in which you can buy, sell, and breed virtual cats for real money. Each and every cat in the game is one-of-a-kind and difficult to duplicate. Becau

NFT gaming

20 Dec 2021

Metaverse Platform SYN CITY Appoints Rapper Swae Lee as CEO

The Metaverse is heating up, and it's never been more appealing than it is right now. Not only can you construct your own Mafia syndicates, but SYN CITY, the top Metaverse platform on the block(chai

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