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George Spencer

September 26, 2021

Trust Wallet Becomes First to Support All 10 Unstoppable Domains NFTs

Trust Wallet, the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance, has announced support for  Unstoppable Domains’ NFT domain extensions following a new partnership agreement with the San Francisco-based blockchain domain building company.

In a press release shared with Coinposters, the deal has made Trust Wallet the first crypto wallet to enable support for all 10 domain extensions on the Unstoppable Domain blockchain network.

The integration will give Trust Wallet’s 10 million users access to a short domain username as opposed to stressful and lengthy wallet addresses. This means that domain owners will be in charge of their wallets and transact cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

Since its launch in 2018, Unstoppable Domain has registered over 1.3 million usernames on the blockchain network. Thus far, the most popular registered domain extensions are .NFT, .crypto, and .wallet, with 85,000, 108,000, and 77,000 users respectively. Others are .bitcoin, .dao, .blockchain, .zil, .coin, .888, and .x.

Adding support for blockchain domain extensions through the Unstoppable Domain network makes it easier for users to run transactions with cryptocurrencies, said Viktor Radchenko, Trust Wallets founder, said:

“Whether it be for transferring funds to invest in NFT art or sending stablecoins across borders, simple usernames for crypto just make sense,”Radchenko added.

Unstoppable Domain targets to enhance transaction ease and payment making process with cryptocurrencies using its “.crypto” solution to boost the mainstream adoption of cryptos.

Speaking on Trust Wallet’s support for the 10 top-level domains as a move to making crypto adoption easy, the CEO at Unstoppable Domain commented: “It was clear from the start that we’re both aligned in simplifying access to the decentralized future.”

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It was earlier reported that Unstoppable Domain joined forces with cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase to streamline the use of cryptocurrencies in making payments by simply typing a blockchain domain name and not long addresses.