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May 26, 2022

The Winklevoss Twins Are Still Very Much Into Crypto

Twins Winklevoss and Miami Mayor Suarez discussed their hopeful outlook on the cryptocurrency business despite its recent slump. Suarez said that he is being paid in Bitcoin, whilst the twins are investing during the drop.

Even after the aftermath from the Terra LUNA scam, the millionaire Winklevoss Twins and Miami’s mayor Francis Suarez stated their positive outlook on the cryptocurrency industry on two different occasions.

While the twins chose to grow their crypto company investments, Suarez continues to get compensated in Bitcoin (BTC). They do so because they trust in the underlying cryptographic technology.

In the aftermath of the recent LUNA-related meltdown, crypto and blockchain firms raised much less capital. The Winklevoss twins capitalized on this fall by increasing their stakes in numerous cryptocurrency firms.

Cameron Winklevoss remarked on the investments and said that they believe in investing in the next generation of builders and dreamers who are expanding the limits of possibility. They are risk takers who want to improve the human experience and are unafraid of bold ideas and failure.

Gemini was co-founded by the 40-year-old billionaire twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who have a combined wealth of $6.4 billion. Additionally, they are one of the top Bitcoin holders and have invested in fifty crypto or blockchain firms.

Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami recently discussed the future of cryptocurrency at the World Economic Forum. Whether he knew the LUNA collapse would occur, he was asked if he would want to get his income in Bitcoin. Suarez verified that he continues to accept my compensation in Bitcoin. He stated for the record that it is not his sole source of income. He believes it is a different option than if a person decided to accept their wage in Bitcoin if Bitcoin was their sole source of income.

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Since the beginning, Mayor Suarez has had a favorable view on cryptocurrencies. He persists in his efforts to make Miami a crypto-friendly city. His agency is now attempting to enable companies to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency.