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August 14, 2022

Anonymous Vows To Launch An Investigation Into BAYC

A video allegedly posted by the Anonymous Group has been discovered on Twitter. In the film, the hacking collective promises to look into allegations that the Bored Apes NFT collection has connections to Nazi symbology. The charges have been categorically refuted by the BAYC founders.

Anonymous said that BAYC collections have been the target of various terrible claims, including pedophilia, racism, occultism, and even simians, all of which it plans to examine. The hacktivist organization said in the addition that it would occasionally reveal its results.

The hacktivist group said that the film is an attempt to communicate with the Bored Ape Community in a nice manner.

Ryder Ripps was the first person to make allegations that Yuga Labs and Bored Apes Yacht Club Collection included symbols of the Nazi party.

Ripps has continued with his assertions, and Yuga Labs has filed a lawsuit against him for making false charges, despite the fact that the creators of the collection have issued many statements denying any connection to Nazism or any of the other claimed ideas.

In the meanwhile, some members of the community are calling into doubt whether or not this is the genuine Anonymous organization, while others believe that Ripps and his crew are responsible for the film.

An Anonymous-verified Facebook page wrote a message on August 9, encouraging @nxg4n to “keep up the excellent job” before the video was published on Twitter. Ryder Ripps and Pauly Cohen were both named in the post that has since been removed.

A review of the tweets sent by nxg4n revealed that the account only discusses conspiracy theories that are related to Yuga Labs. Nobody is aware of the identity of the person behind the account.

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Anonymous is a loosely organized group of computer hackers from different parts of the globe who have no publicly acknowledged central leadership. Because of this, it is never easy to determine whether or not the statements made by organizations that identify themselves as The Anonymous are legitimate.