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James Carter

March 21, 2023

Spanish Lawmaker Becomes a Bitcoin Guru

A Spanish politician has decided to walk away from parliament and his political career in order to pursue a career as an expert on Bitcoin (BTC), alternative cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology.

Spanish Lawmaker Becomes a Bitcoin Guru

According to reports from Criptonoticias and ABC, Teodoro Garca Egea, who had previously served as the General Secretary of the Popular Party, disclosed to media present at a news conference that he would be resigning from his position as an MP and leaving parliament.

Instead, he alluded to the fact that he will concentrate on assisting acceptance efforts for Bitcoin and other tokens in addition to pursuing a career in journalism. Around the time that he was explaining the factors that led to his decision to leave, he also made an announcement regarding the publication of a book titled “Cryptoeconomics: Beyond Bitcoin – Possibilities in the New Financial System.”

After winning his first election to the legislature of Murcia in January 2012, Garcia Egea quickly rose through the ranks to become the “number two” in the Popular Party. In July of the previous year, he was given the position of Chairman of the Road Safety Commission for the lower chamber.

A further statement made by Garcia Egea was that he would “withdraw from politics.” ABC further reported that he had the intention of “dedicating himself totally to private activity focused on cryptocurrency — his area of expertise.”

Spanish Lawmaker: Why He Has Swapped Politics for Crypto

The same news organization reported that Garcia Egea had removed himself from political life over the course of the preceding year and had only been seen in parliament on occasions where his presence was absolutely required, such as to take part in votes and “keep from being sanctioned.”

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Garcia Egea has declared that he will not resign from his job as a member of the Popular Party. In addition to this, he stated that he would “be available to Spanish citizens” in his private capacity from this point forward.

According to the publisher of the book, Garc Egea’s book focuses mostly on Bitcoin (BTC), in addition to other tokens and blockchain technologies.

The following is what is written in the book’s blurb:

“Cryptocurrency, for many people, is synonymous with […] investing in Bitcoin. But it looks like there is much more to it than that. The introduction of blockchain technology, along with the growth of decentralized finance and Web3, constitutes technologies that have never been seen before.

In Spain, 76% of the population is now aware of crypto. And the country’s real estate industry is showing a rising interest in dealing with transactions that are fueled by cryptocurrencies.