bitcoin regulations

bitcoin regulations

29 Apr 2023

Largest Bitcoin Fraud Scheme Results-Here’s Why

In a case of Bitcoin fraud that was brought by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a judge has awarded a record-breaking penalty of $3.4 billion. Largest Bitcoin Fraud Scheme

bitcoin regulations

01 Apr 2023

Bitcoin Club South Africa: Everything You Need to Know About it

Bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With its decentralized system and secure transactions, many people have become interested in inves

bitcoin regulations

21 Mar 2023

Spanish Lawmaker Becomes a Bitcoin Guru

A Spanish politician has decided to walk away from parliament and his political career in order to pursue a career as an expert on Bitcoin (BTC), alternative cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technol

bitcoin regulations

12 Feb 2022

Governor Of Hungary’s Central Bank Proposes EU-Wide Ban On Bitcoin

The Governor of the Hungarian National Bank, György Matolcsy, has advocated a blanket ban on all cryptocurrency trading and mining operations within the European Union. Governor Matolcsy referenc

bitcoin regulations

09 Dec 2021

Crypto Execs ask US Congress Clarity on Regulations

A number of executives of some leading crypto enterprises in the U.S. had the opportunity to present your concerns to the House Committee on Financial Services regarding cryptocurrency regulations.

bitcoin regulations

08 Dec 2021

Australia Approves Crypto Reforms to Come

Australia is taking crypto matters head-on. At present, the Australian government is contemplating rolling out a central bank digital currency. It is also in support of a number of progressive regul

bitcoin regulations

01 Dec 2021

Are Emerging Concerns and Regulations Fitting?

When it comes to sanctions, regulators can not enforce regulations, when it comes to crypto. For this reason, organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have issues

bitcoin regulations

28 Nov 2021

Tough Rules Proposed by South Korea Regulator

A report was released recently by South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC), relating to crypto investment in South Korea. This report outlined a new definition of cryptocurrencies. It also

bitcoin regulations

28 Nov 2021

German Coalition Customizing law to fit Cryptocurrency

In a coalition agreement, Germany’s new government has noted cryptocurrency and is advocating for a fair means of doing business for both traditional finance and the innovative fintech industry.

bitcoin regulations

26 Sep 2021

China Bans Bitcoin AGAIN

News of the Chinese government, banning bitcoin is not a new event. China has stated its stand against the digital gold more than once and a little too often. Most of the time, the market react with

bitcoin regulations

15 Sep 2021

Why has the Bitcoin Price Smashed and Will It Recover?

With Bitcoin prices again tumbling on news that China is to take action against cryptocurrency trading in the country, those with huge wallets of BTC were once again terrifying. The currency has

bitcoin regulations

26 Jul 2021

Amazon ‘certainly’ arranging Bitcoin usability and token, affirms insider

Amazon involved on digital currency Amazon is hoping to acknowledge Bitcoin usability'before the year's over', and is exploring its own token for 2022, says an insider. The web behemo

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