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James Carter

April 6, 2023

S&P Global Puts DeFi at the Forefront-Crypto Going Mainstream?

S&P Global is looking for DeFi director to oversee its expansion into the fast-developing decentralized finance industry so it may continue to grow its business in this area.

S&P Global Puts Decentralized Finance at the Forefront

According to a recent job posting on LinkedIn, a massive company that provides financial information and analytics is looking to hire a DeFi director to lead the company’s expansion into the field. This is a move that shows the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and technologies that are based on blockchains.

The company is searching for someone with experience in digital asset trading and custody, as well as knowledge of smart contracts, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and well-known DeFi protocols like Uniswap and Aave, according to the job description.

“A crypto market participants with a deep understanding of the disruptions it represents both for our company and our customers,” the company said, adding that the successful candidate is required to stay up to speed “with the fast-moving developments in the constantly evolving DeFi world.” Crypto market participants with a deep understanding of the disruption it represents both for our company and our consumers.

In order to broaden S&P Global’s decentralized footprint, it will be the responsibility of the DeFi director to seek out new prospects in the industry as well as to cultivate business partnerships with other DeFi companies.

This individual will collaborate closely with members of various teams within the organization, such as those responsible for product management, data science, and business development.

S&P Global has said that the projected range for this position’s base pay is between $107,100 and $212,975; this information pertains to remuneration. In addition, it stated that the individual’s geographical area, experience level, skill set, training, licenses, and certifications would all be taken into consideration when determining the final basic compensation for this function.

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S&P Global is a prominent producer of financial data and analytics services. It is best known for its S&P 500 index, which is often seen as a barometer for the stock market in the United States. S&P Global is also a major provider of other financial data and analytics services.

Is Crypto Going Mainstream?

The decision made by S&P Global to employ a DeFi director may be interpreted as an indicator of the growing acceptability of cryptocurrencies and technologies based on blockchain by the general public.

This not only highlights the expanding significance of DeFi in the financial and commercial sectors, but it also has the potential to be a key milestone for the industry.

In a research that was published not too long ago, analysts from the global investment bank Citi predicted that cryptocurrencies are “approaching an inflection point,” and that blockchain technology will soon see “billions of users and trillions of dollars in value.” This prediction was driven mostly by the growth of CBDC and the tokenization of assets.

It is good to know that some of the top firms in the world have already begun implementing blockchain technology and some type of cryptocurrency.

According to research published by the blockchain adoption analytics platform Blockdata the previous year, 44 of the top 100 publicly traded corporations in terms of market capitalization are currently actively employing blockchain technology across six key industries.

To be more specific, the majority of businesses operating in the technology, media, and telecommunications industries, including well-known names like Meta, Salesforce, Adobe, Verizon, and Nvidia, have already incorporated blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies into some of their offerings.

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The cryptocurrency industry is expected to grow more integrated with traditional finance as more established enterprises enter the market. This will result in the opening of new doors for opportunity and an acceleration of the rate of innovation.