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David Agullo

September 25, 2021

How ‘World of Women’ Became a Celebrity NFT Phenom

It’s a well-known fact that women are underrepresented in the crypto industry. Which explains why World of Women, the newest non-fungible token (NFT) collectables mega-hit, is such a welcome injection of vitality for the industry. Yam Karkai, who founded the NFTs with her boyfriend Raphael Malavieille, says, “The objective of my art has always been to showcase women, to put them in the spotlight, and to bring more variety into the space.”

For all the innovation mushrooming on the blockchain and the many financial institutions paving the way into the digital asset realm, crypto is still a new asset class—and a highly volatile one. Crypto investors make up only a small fraction of the broader financial market. And most of them are male.

What is the World of Women?

It is a collection of unique, cool, and diverse Women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space! It is a 10,000 randomly generated digital collectables of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

The whole collection is the work of Yam in her signature hand-drawn and colourful style using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. With her art, her mission has always been to highlight and empower women by making them the centre of her pieces.

World of Women aims to bring in more diversity and inclusivity to NFTs, which is believed to be very much missing in this male-dominated space. They are all passionate and committed to the NFT space and strongly believe this to be the future and that the project can help make a difference. They hope all the people will follow along on this journey with them.

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Personal investing, and the world of finance in general, is notorious for its historic exclusion of women and people of colour. For decades, women could not take out a loan, sign a mortgage, or even own a credit card without having a male co-signer. People of colour, too, faced discrimination and systemic barriers to investing. 

What are the perks that the world of women NFT Offer?

Royalties in the Commercial World

Royalties of 50% are due from (the creators) if the (the WoW NFT owner) on any profit made from commercial use. They will make you Eth if you make your WoW NFT a star.

Of course, each token offers commercial rights to the art, allowing you to use your WoW NFT to make anything.


It’s no secret that an NFT’s attractiveness stems from their rarity and distinctiveness, which are decided by their characteristics.

That’s why they have created three special Clubs, from which you can only profit if you have a WoW NFT with one of the exclusive features or a combination of exclusive attributes.

Royalties Club

50% of ALL OpenSea royalties earned from secondary sales will be split monthly between the members.

 Royalties being set to 4%, that’s 2% of all secondary sales for the lucky club members.

Investors Club

50% of ALL profits generated by the WoW Fund to be split monthly between the members!

 Reselling NFTs for a profit, lending them, merchandising art under license, organizing events. These are different options that the Fund will explore.

Curators Club

Each member will be able to choose -once a month- an NFT art piece for the WoW Fund to purchase. The curators will have the opportunity to support the artists they like most!

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World of Women is able to attract such a large audience because they aim to involve the women section that has been neglected in the crypto world. It aims to build a collection through the acquisition of 1/1 Crypto art pieces by Promoting and Showcasing the artists from its collection.