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March 16, 2022

Nuvei collabs with Ledger to provide direct crypto on-ramp

Nuvei Corporation (“Nuvei” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: NVEI) (TSX: NVEI) today announced a partnership with Ledger, the leading hardware wallet provider, to enable direct on-ramps for 125+ cryptocurrencies with all leading fiat funding options via its Simplex by Nuvei solution. Ledger users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies through Ledger Live using Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, SWIFT, and over 100 other fiat funding options for various global currencies.

Nuvei is a global payment technology partner for well-known brands. Through a single integration, we provide businesses with the intelligence and technology they need to succeed locally and globally, propelling them further and faster.

Ledger is a digital asset and Web3 platform. Ledger Nanos are used to secure over 15% of the world’s crypto assets. The platform’s team of over 500 professionals is working on a variety of products and services that will allow individuals and businesses to securely buy, store, swap, grow, and manage crypto assets.

The integration allows Ledger users to buy cryptocurrencies without going through external exchanges or fiat-to-cryptocurrency payment gateways. This is critical for maximizing security and ease of use for hardware wallet users because it avoids the extra steps of interacting with exchanges and temporarily abandoning the device’s security.

Integrating with Nuvei’s platform significantly expands the range of available funding and purchase options for Ledger users, who can now select from a list of the most common combinations of local currencies and digital assets. Simplex by Nuvei ensures protection against chargebacks, fraud, and other annoyances associated with cryptocurrency purchases, allowing Ledger to focus on acquiring new users and providing value to Ledger and Ledger Live users.

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Ledger Live is the desktop and mobile companion app to the Ledger hardware wallet products. The app provides users with a simplified interface that allows them to safely interact with their hardware wallet.

From Ledger Live, you can stake assets to verify transactions and earn a passive income, use DeFi platforms, manage NFTs, and purchase cryptocurrencies. Ledger Live becomes a one-stop shop for all of the users’ potential needs with Simplex by Nuvei.

“We’re excited to partner with Ledger to make it easier for more users to acquire crypto with maximum security,” said Philip Fayer, Nuvei’s Chair and CEO. “With the number of possible verified uses of crypto in the ecosystem growing all the time, having easy onramps within the wallet is critical for the sector’s continued growth.”