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August 6, 2022

Mahastra State Issues 100k Polygon Diplomas

The Indian Express reported on Thursday that the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD), in partnership with the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSINS), had awarded about 100,000 verified certificates on the Polygon blockchain using the LegitDoc platform.

“The initiative seeks to digitize diplomas and transcripts provided by MSBSD to about 100,000 students yearly. Neil Martis, the co-founder of LegitDoc, said that this was accomplished by building tamper-proof digital diploma PDFs based on Polygon Blockchain.

MSBSD has never before issued online degrees; this is the first time it has done so. Martis said that the board opted to offer online diplomas using blockchain technology because it is more safe, private, transparent, and cost-effective than conventional centralized digital systems.

Martis stated that in the past, MSBSD only issued hard copy certificates to students, necessitating the hiring of more than 1,000 staff throughout its network of training institutions and departments to assist distribute the diplomas, a time-consuming process.

In addition, he said that the verification of the degrees was also a manual procedure that required three board employees to complete verification requests within one month.

“Therefore, this initiative was undertaken to automate the whole procedure by digitizing diploma issuing and verification using blockchain technology and removing all human interventions and inefficiencies,” he said.

According to Martis, Maharashtra has previously trialed this solution for former student credentials on the Ethereum blockchain; but, because of the “scalability and high gas cost associated with Ethereum,” they have chosen to issue it on the Polygon blockchain.

In the past, Maharashtra used blockchain technology for use cases like caste certifications and COVID certificates.

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The board’s “previous experience in adopting blockchain use cases,” according to Mithun John, Joint CEO of MSINS, was a major factor in its decision to award these blockchain-based degrees.

In the meanwhile, the deployment of blockchain technology by several government entities has increased in recent years. Nigerian Trading (NGX) Ltd. said in June that it intends to build a blockchain-enabled exchange platform within the next year.