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April 23, 2022

Hoskinsea sells out 80 percent of its token allocation

The largest NFT marketplace on the Cardano network is Hoskinsea. The platform is prepared to implement all of the advanced functionalities of the NFT marketplace, as well as some of its features from other blockchain networks.

Hoskinsea intends to solve the Cardano NFT Minting issue by granting multiple minting access, unlimited NFT purchase orders, and much more.

Hoskinsea has announced the launch of its native cryptocurrency HSK token, which will be used on the marketplace for a variety of purposes; early birds can participate in the ongoing HSK token private sale.

Purchase of NFT – Token holders will be able to purchase NFTs at a reduced price from the Hoskinsea marketplace.

Transaction Fees – NFT minting fees are payable with HSK tokens.

Governance and Voting – Holders of HSK tokens will be included in the decision-making process for issues affecting our Ecosystem. As a result, only holders of our tokens will be able to vote on critical decision-making processes affecting our ecosystem.

It is important to note that the number of votes you can cast and your participation in the voting process will be determined by the number of tokens you possess.

Exclusive Privileges – Top HSK token holders will have exclusive access to rare edition NFTs that will be available only during the public mint.

Purchase AD Slots – Due to the large number of NFTs that will be on the platform, users will be able to use HSK Token to purchase ad slots for their NFTs.

Redistribution of Transaction Fees – Top holders will also benefit from our platform by earning a fixed percentage of profits made from all transactions carried out on the platform using the HSK token.

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Creator Verification and Voting – On our platform, users are more likely to buy or transact with verified creators.