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December 24, 2021

Chainlink (LINK): Blockchain Oracles for Hybrid Smart Contracts

Anyone who has been following the crypto charts recently can attest to Chainlink’s popularity. This success may be attributed to a number of factors, including the company’s distinctive business approach. Chainlink, unlike many other initiatives in the field at the moment, does not intend to compete with other cryptocurrencies. Instead, the platform aims to use its own protocols to promote the whole industry.

Chainlink is an Ethereum-based network of data sources that enables smart contracts on blockchains to react to real-world events. The LINK token is used to incentivize the maintenance of the Chainlink network in the same manner as ETH incentivizes the mining and maintenance of the Ethereum network and BTC incentivizes the mining and maintenance of the Bitcoin network.


For years, Chainlink has been a project to keep an eye on. SmartContract.com was the program’s original name when it launched in 2014. The platform’s name was changed to Chainlink shortly after its introduction to better reflect the platform’s main market. Today, Chainlink is assisting in new and innovative ways in bridging the expanding gap between external data sources and public blockchains.

In 2017, Chainlink launched an ICO that was one of the largest of its kind at the time. Since then, the network has been in the limelight. The site received a good sum of $32 million as a result of the crowdfunding event. Chainlink has been able to push the frontiers of oracle dependability and security to new heights because to this investment.

Chainlink formed one of its most significant collaborations to date in 2019. The company was able to secure a strategic collaboration with Google. Chainlink’s technology was included in Google’s smart contract strategy as a result of the partnership. Investors hailed this move as a huge victory since it allows consumers to access to Google’s two most popular cloud services – BigQuery and Cloud Storage – through API.

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How Does It Work?

Chainlink aims to build the first blockchain oracle network in the world. An oracle blockchain network would be able to use the same technologies as standard blockchains to confirm that the nodes in operations are working correctly and that the data they are storing is correct.

This procedure begins in the Chainlink ecosystem when a user submits a Requesting Contract for information. Within the network, this notice will be recorded as a blockchain event. A Chainlink Service Level Agreement (SLA) Contract will be created as a result of this listing. Three more contracts in the system are launched as a result of this deal.

Chainlink Reputation Contract

The initial contract establishes the credibility of an oracle. This coding will go over each oracle’s history. The system examines the accuracy of this oracle’s previous contributions. The oracle is given a rank at the end of the evaluation. This rating makes it easier for the system to use the finest oracles.

Chainlink Order-Matching Contract

The Requesting Contract is delivered to the Chainlink nodes by the second contract. The nodes will begin bidding on this request as soon as they get it. Using preprogrammed requirements, the system automatically configures the number of nodes and node type required to perform the request.

Chainlink Aggregating Contract

The most recent contract corrects erroneous data. The system will go over all of the data that has been collected since the prior checks and balances were finished. Any information that does not match the other network inputs is ignored. The data is confirmed and made available to the blockchain once this stage is completed.

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Despite its massive rise since early 2021, the value of LINK remains unpredictable. As a result, it could be desirable to buy LINK just to support the underlying technology. Otherwise, most investors may find the high level of volatility too much to stomach.

Nonetheless, as cryptocurrencies develop, Chainlink appears to be a significant technology. Having an oracle in place, such as Chainlink, will be critical to the long-term stability and survival of cryptocurrencies. If you feel Chainlink will become the industry standard as the most widely-used, decentralized oracle network, LINK might be a good investment.