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June 24, 2022

Solana Launches a New Blockchain-Based Smartphone

This is the first Android smartphone to be released by the newly founded mobile technology section of Solana Labs, Solana Mobile.

Saga will be the name of the company’s next smartphone, according to an official report released on Thursday.

To ensure that web3 transactions are both accessible and safe, the new flagship mobile device is said to have been built to make use of the network’s blockchain.

The co-founder of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, said that the gadget represents the beginning of a new era for the web3 mobile experience.

Over 7 billion cellphones are now in use throughout the globe, and more than 100 million individuals have digital assets. According to him, Saga is a game-changer for the mobile web3 experience.

A renowned technological company, OSOM, developed and released Saga, which has a specialized crypto wallet for safekeeping and management of users’ cryptocurrency holdings. Some of the most recent Android characteristics will be included in the phone, including safety features to keep the device safe.

According to the article, interested customers may place pre-orders for the phone, which will be delivered in the first half of next year.

Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) is an open-source software toolset for Android native web3 apps that can be deployed on the blockchain.

An Android stack for wallets and applications is provided by the Solana Mobile Stack, which consists of a collection of libraries optimized for use with the Android platform.

It was mentioned in the paper that SMS has a Seed Vault that safeguards the network’s custody with rapid transaction confirmation.

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The Solana Mobile Stack also provides DevOps libraries and Android programming layouts. Solana’s private key storage is likewise protected by this feature. Instant access to the new infrastructure is provided.

The company recently created a $10 million ecosystem investment and grant fund to support the adoption of web3 and the creation of Android-native decentralized apps. Solana Foundation Developers using the Solana Mobile Stack will benefit from the additional funding.

South Korean web3 companies creating decentralized applications on the basis of Solana will benefit from a $100 million investment from Solana Ventures and Foundation, which was announced earlier this month.