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August 24, 2022

Metaverse of X.LA Is Exposed in All Its Glory

Aleksey Savchenko, executive director of the X.LA Foundation, has given facts about the much-anticipated X.LA Metaverse. Savchenko promised an immersive experience to an eager audience at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, outlining a vision supported by technology that would change how people interact far into the next century.

The X.LA Metaverse is based on the promise of a virtual environment that is similar to reality but easy to traverse and full of unfettered possibilities. Savchenko, a visionary in this domain, has over 25 years of video game and software development expertise and is a big fan of the metaverse.

“It’s not a product; it’s a paradigm change,” the CEO of the X.LA Foundation told the Gamescom gathering.

The X.LA Metaverse will be characterized by an altruistic, collaborative, and productive atmosphere that encourages content development. Savchenko demonstrated how these important elements will inspire continuous and passionate participation by outlining the community-driven approach to sharing inside the X.LA Metaverse. The possibilities for creating interesting, interactive experiences will be endless in a fully 3D photorealistic world.

The X.LA Metaverse will firmly establish power in the hands of the creators, and with that power comes complete ownership. This is made possible by mechanisms such as the X.LA Revenue Share Contract (RSC), which underlies each creator’s contributions. It promotes cooperation while ensuring that artists are adequately compensated for their efforts. The Metaverse, as Aleksey Savchenko said, is just a single click away.

There are no downloads, no clients to locate and maintain, and no updates to install: simply a single button that launches you into your virtual world. Savchenko presented the teaser movie Metaverse Is Us at the Gamescom exhibition in Cologne, demonstrating different parts of the Metasites that will comprise the X.LA Metaverse.

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