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James Carter

March 30, 2023

DeeLance Presale Starts Today-The Future of Web3?

Thursday, March 30, 2023: DeeLance, an innovative Web3 platform for freelance and recruitment services, has gotten off to a strong start with its presale. This is the first step in its plan to change the industry.

DeeLance Presale Starts Today

Blockchain technology is being used by DeeLance to make it easier, safer, and more efficient to find the right person for the job.

$DLANCE is the platform’s native token. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and costs $0.025 in Stage 1 of the three-stage presale.

In 17 days, the first stage will be over, and the price of a token will go up to $0.027 in Stage 2 and $0.030 in Stage 3.

The exchange list price of $0.035 is 40% less for people who buy early.

Using the Transak payment network, investors can buy $DLANCE with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or a credit card.

$DLANCE tokenizes the value of Deelance’s revolutionary recruitment platform

Analysts of cryptocurrencies are already looking at the project to see if it could be the next one to go crazy when its $DLANCE coin starts trading.

The total number of $DLANCE tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), and the general public can buy up to 30% of them (300,000,000).

The value of the $DLANCE token comes from the fact that it is the only way to buy land in the DeeLance metaverse and do business in the NFT marketplace.

It is also used to rent out offices, pay for ads, and pay for other services and features that become available as the ecosystem grows.

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DeeLance disrupts the $761 billion recruitment industry with its Web3 platform

IBISWorld says that the global human resources (HR) and recruitment services market is worth a whopping $761 billion in terms of revenue.

But hiring people is still one of the hardest things for businesses to do when it comes to getting the resources they need to reach their business goals.

DeeLance wants to change all of that by going up against Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer and beating them.

Deelance has completely rethought how recruitment works by combining the power of decentralized networks, tokens that can’t be traded, and the metaverse.

DeeLance ensures payment and ownership security for freelancers and recruiters, with a simple and transparent platform

The words that best describe DeeLance are “simple,” “open,” “payment efficiency,” and “ownership.”

All four will be delivered with lower fees than the current players, faster payments, and a rock-solid escrow account system that makes sure all parties’ money is safe.

An NFT digital token shows who owns a piece of digital work. This way, the recruiter can be sure that the work they are paying for belongs to them.

The seller, on the other hand, knows that they own their work until the money comes out of escrow.

The client fee on DeeLance is only 2%, which is the lowest in the industry. The freelancer fee of 10% is also lower than what other sites charge.

Also, unlike the web-based companies that are already in the market, there are no fees for withdrawing money or delays because of currency conversion. Payments made with crypto are instant.

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There are also no limits on the size of tasks, a scalable dispute system, a super-efficient escrow, content ownership, and better tools for hiring staff.

DeeLance brings hiring into the 21st century with its integration of NFTs and the metaverse virtual world.

DeeLance is the only platform for hiring people that use NFTs and the metaverse as a core part of its business, not just as a fun extra.

On a lot of platforms for hiring and the gig economy, it’s not clear who owns the work.

DeeLance is different.

A freelancer’s work can be safely stored on the system as an NFT, which verifies that its creator owns it until the work is delivered and payments are made.

Smart contracts include all of the business logic of the transactions. This means that there is no need for a trusted third party and all of the fees and wasted time that can come with them.

It gives the freelance seller peace of mind and gives the client buying the goods or services clarity and confidence.