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James Carter

March 6, 2023

United TeleBot is a New Way to Earn in Crypto

Social media apps keep getting better and finding new ways to help their users. Blockchain technology has been at the center of this change, as its decentralized nature can bring many benefits and usher in the new era of Web3. There are already a lot of companies trying to do this, and there are also a lot of new crypto startups that are bringing their own skills and enthusiasm to the task.

So, there’s a lot to be excited about in the world of social media and communication apps. One of the most exciting projects is United TeleBot, which helps Telegram in many ways. It is among the most interesting and unique projects in this field, and it could change the way we talk on popular apps like Telegram.

Here, we’ll talk about what United TeleBot is, what features it has, and how projects like this can help popular apps.

What is United TeleBot?

As is very clear, Telegram has become a popular and widely used app around the world. It has 700 million users and is one of the five most downloaded mobile apps this year. Telegram is interesting because, in addition to messaging, it provides a safe, partially decentralized environment for sophisticated automated tools. This is where the interesting part comes in.

United TeleBot wants to use this user base to its advantage while also giving all of these possible users a lot of benefits. UTB.ai was made by a group of AI and digital marketing experts. The aim of the platform is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes get the most out of their advertising budgets. It does this by using the Telegram AI Bot to find the most effective campaigns and channels and areas that need improvement.

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Of course, none of this means anything if users don’t know how it will help them. Because of this, now is a good time to learn more about United TeleBot.

The Features Underpinning United TeleBot

United TeleBot says that “stability is its top priority,” so it focuses on giving its users steady Growth over time. Even more, it says that users will get 1% growth every day. This might seem impossible to keep up with, but that’s where Telegram comes in. United TeleBot uses the traffic on Telegram to make money and keep growing at the rates listed above.

Daily Token Growth is one of the most important parts. Then, the price of UTB tokens is worked out ahead of time for a whole month. Then, this number is divided by a statistical exponent to get a small daily income based on the known price in the future.

The amount of daily Growth depends on many things, like how many tokens you have, how many referrals have balances that aren’t zero, how busy you are every day, and how much of an impact you have on the project as a whole.

A rating system is also an important part of the ecosystem. This is called the “Ladder Position,” and it shows users their current UTB rating. This rating is based on a number of things, such as how many users you have invited, how their investments have affected you, and how many tokens you hold.

Think of United TeleBot as an app for Telegram that lets you send and receive money instantly and fully automatically. It lets the funds here grow by using its own Token, which acts as the dapp’s main currency. The team has said that, at the very least, this currency can be used on BEP and ERC.

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Other features worth mentioning are affiliate rewards and airdrops, which are mostly used to spread the word about the platform and give people some extra chances. Every user will get an affiliate URL that is linked to their Telegram ID. They get 5% of the first deposit that the person they brought in makes.

What to Expect in the Future?

The team also has a lot of plans for the future. On March 23, UTB 2.0 is set to come out. This will add new mechanics and bring together everything we’ve learned so far.

After that, the team will work on new ways to pay, like credit cards and the TON token. As it stands, the team wants to make sure that its rewards mechanism is put into place in the best way possible.

A new kind of platform for apps that let you talk to people
Decentralized technology is just starting to be integrated into social media and the web in general. Once the hype dies down and teams can get to work on actually putting the tech into place, we’ll start to see real benefits and changes in how we use the internet.

United TeleBot is one of the most interesting projects in this area, and it may have been one of the first Web3 projects. Keep an eye on how it’s going and read the project’s updates to see how it will change over time.