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James Carter

January 18, 2023

Meta Masters Guild Crypto Presale Successfully Raises $500k in One Week

Meta Masters Guild, the newest platform for play-to-earn (P2E) games, has raised $505,000 from eager investors a week after its presale started.

Now that stage two has started, the price of a token has gone up to $0.01000.

The presale has seven stages, with the final price set at $0.02300, which is 129% more than the price in stage two.

Meta Masters Guild wants to be the best place for mobile developers and casual “play-to-earn” gamers.

People can be an essential part of this vision by investing online with their crypto wallet.

In fact, a racing game called Meta Kart is already being worked on as part of the project. This is not a “vaporware” project.

At the rate things are going, Meta Masters Guild’s $MEMAG token could finish stage two of its presale next week. If you need to get the best prices, you only have a little time left.

CEO of Meta Masters Guild: “This is a really exciting time for the MEMAG ecosystem.”

Meta Masters Guild CEO Gabriel Hristov said of the presale’s early success, “We are very happy that so many people in our community are interested in the project.”

“We are committed to making Web3 mobile play-to-earn games that are fun and playable and have stable economies.

“Rewarding our community is the most important thing to me and my team. That means making games that everyone likes and wants to play again and again. That’s our main goal.”

“We will soon send out updates to the community that show off new features of the platform, like NFTs and staking.

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“It’s an exciting time for the MEMAG ecosystem, and we’re looking forward to taking this journey with our growing community.”

Meta Masters Guild puts a lot of emphasis on a play-to-earn system that tries to go beyond the boring gameplay that often comes with this type of game.

Its decentralized platform also has a significant advantage over traditional games in that it lets players own their in-game assets and get rewarded for having fun.

Meta Masters Guild is more long-lasting than games like Axie Infinity because it makes games that are fun to play.

Meta Masters Guild is realistic and doable because it has a low hard cap.

In the video below, Patrick Hegarty, a brand ambassador for the Meta Masters Guild, talks briefly about the project:

Analysts think that Meta Masters Guild will be the play-to-earn cryptocurrency that grows the fastest this year. It has a 10x potential, but Crypto Boy rates it as a 1,000x project.

The project goals are also very realistic since they only need $4.97 million to reach the roadmap’s goals.

Also, the games the platform wants to add are being made for mobile devices, not consoles. This means that the prohibitively high costs of AAA games don’t apply.

Meta Masters Guild is a big project already attracting independent game development studios. Gamearound is the first of these studios, and their Meta Kart Racers game is the launch partner.

Gamearound is getting popular after completing a game for Boohoo, a company that sells trendy clothes and has more than $1 billion in sales.