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James Carter

March 15, 2023

Metacade’s Community-Driven GameFi Platform Raises Over $10M in Presale

Metacade, a popular play-to-earn platform that has already raised more than $10 million, has entered the penultimate round of the presale and is continuing to attract the attention of investors. There are only 16 days left until the token is made available to the general public before it is confirmed to be listed on Bitmart and Uniswap once the presale concludes on the 30th of March.

Driven GameFi Platform Raises Over $10M in Presale

The Chief Executive Officer of Metacade, Russell Bennet, had this to say about the recent success of the company’s presale: “I’m absolutely happy that we’ve continued our traction and have accomplished such a major milestone. As we move into the final level of competition, the faith that has been placed in us by our fans is something that will serve as a motivating factor for the team.

The recent revelation that the project has engaged Principle Product Designer, Tyler Lange, is, without a doubt, one of the contributing factors that have helped boost interest in the project.

Russell provided additional elaboration by noting, “We couldn’t be happier to have Tyler on board. Because of this, we are now several steps ahead of schedule in the development of the front end of our final product. We are now in a position to begin the development of the preliminary app concepts, which I will be demonstrating in the future Ask Me Anything session.

The team has high hopes for the price of MCADE as it launches on exchanges throughout April 2023, following hot on the trail of this year’s GameFi trend that captures international audiences made up of both investors and gaming enthusiasts. With the presale amount raised now having passed the $10 million mark, the presale amount raised has now surpassed the $10 million mark.

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Metacade places emphasis on community-driven ideas and strongly adheres to the tenets of the DAO philosophy. Investors and enthusiasts are given the opportunity to have a say in the development of the project through the use of regular polls and AMAs. The platform will provide play-to-earn, create-to-earn, and compete-to-earn mechanics in order to deliver a GameFi product with a broad use case that is capable of expanding and developing while simultaneously rewarding its members monetarily and in terms of the online and mobile app gaming experience.

In particular, the Metagrants program attracts investors as a source of funding for game developers. These developers are then encouraged to create platform-specific projects as a result of this source of money. Following the social chats, particularly on Telegram, we have already seen a number of interesting ideas being put in from users and addressed in recent AMA events. These ideas have been quite exciting to see. The solutions that receive the most votes from the community will be put to the vote to determine the most appropriate course of action for future growth.

The fact that the Metacade team has successfully completed KYC and the project specifications and code have received the seal of approval from CertiK, the industry leader among blockchain auditors, gives investors peace of mind. This gives Metacade the same degree of assurance as other CertiK projects, such as Aave, Polygon, and Chiliz. On the CertiK website, you can get the whole audit reports in their entirety.

About Metacade

The best place to play video games in the metaverse may be found at the Metacade. Because it is the first community arcade on Web3, it gives gamers a place to hang out, talk about gaming, and play games that are exclusive to P2E. Users have many opportunities to develop careers in Web3 and engage with the larger gaming community through the use of the platform, which also provides them with multiple ways to produce income.

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Users will be able to play, earn, and network with other dedicated gamers all over the world by going to the one-stop destination that is Metacade. As soon as the project reaches the conclusion of its plan, the community will be given complete control over Metacade, and it will become a fully functional decentralized autonomous organization, demonstrating the company’s dedication to player-driven gaming.