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August 7, 2022

Billy Markus Mocks Bitcoin’s Performance

Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, responded to an article that discussed several metrics for measuring development by bringing up Bitcoin’s controversial price movement and questioning whether or not it qualified as progress. This was in response to an article that discussed several metrics for measuring development. In a subsequent statement, he admitted that it is.

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has lost a substantial chunk of its value on the cryptocurrency market after it broke through the psychological obstacle of $50,000. This has caused panic among long-term and medium-term investors who were expected to earn big profits.

It is obvious that the creator of the most successful memecoin now available on the market was making a satirical inquiry regarding the development of Bitcoin given Billy Markus overall support for cryptocurrencies on Twitter. Later on, he elaborated by saying that progress is already being made if the number is greater than zero.

Because DOGE is currently consolidating near the 50-day moving average and has failed to break through any local resistance levels on the chart, investors are not likely to be pleased with the development of the first memecurrency. Unfortunately for them, DOGE has not been able to break through any of the local resistance levels.

Given how the price of Dogecoin has been behaving over the last several months, it is fortunate that a flag pattern is plainly obvious here. This pattern provides a clue at the imminent volatility increase that may be necessary for a rebound rally.

Since memecoins are the riskiest assets in the whole business, there is a possibility that they may see a reversal climb in the next months. This is because a better attitude within the industry is expected to lead to investors’ desire for riskier investments.

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