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January 3, 2022

Samsung To Launch NFTs For TVs

It’s good to stare at your non-fungible tokens on a smartphone or laptop screen, but why not display them on your TV screen to remind everyone who comes to your house of the money you spent on digital art NFTs? We seem to be living in a world where it is going to happen. Samsung announced that starting in 2022, its TV lineup will have comprehensive support for NFTs.

“Samsung Electronics Unveils Its 2022 MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and Lifestyle TVs, With Next-Generation Picture Quality and Range of Cutting-Edge Personalization Options,” according to a press statement from Samsung. Samsung is the first major television manufacturer to make a considerable investment in NFTs.

“With demand for NFTs on the rise, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater. In 2022, Samsung is introducing the world’s first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator, a groundbreaking platform that lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite art — all in one place.”

Apart from incorporating NFTs into its products, Samsung Next, the South Korean multinational conglomerate’s venture capital arm, has been aggressively investing in NFT and metaverse initiatives. The firm took part in an investment round for a metaverse gaming platform on Wednesday.

Aside from Samsung, several major corporations have jumped onto the NFT bandwagon. Coca-Cola entered the NFT market for charity purposes in July 2021. Visa paid $150,000 for a “CryptoPunk” NFT a month later.

Digital art collections and digital collectible NFT sales, on the other hand, dominated last year, accounting for 91% of total NFT sales. More NFT and metaverse-based enterprises are generating considerable sums of money to fund their initiatives as sales increase. Last year, blockchain gaming businesses raised over a billion dollars in funding.

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When it comes to watching NFTs on Samsung’s 2022 televisions, the company is also paying attention to the finer points. The TVs’ smart calibration technology will adapt display settings to the creator’s preset values, so you can have peace of mind that your work appears immaculate, with true-to-the-original image quality, according to the company. You’ve probably heard of Dolby Vision and Netflix Calibrated Mode, and now NFTs are getting the same treatment.