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James Carter

February 27, 2023

Japanese Sports Giant Mizuno Takes NFT Plunge with Judo, Running, Soccer Offerings

Mizuno, a giant in the world of Japanese sportswear, has just lately started dabbling in the realm of cryptocurrencies by launching its first line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With this, Mizuno becomes the most recent addition to the industry of producing sportswear.

Japanese Sports Giant Mizuno Takes NFT

In a press statement that was disseminated by the firm, Mizuno said that it had introduced three sets of tokens, one for each of the sports that it specializes in. These sports are as follows: golf, tennis, and baseball. On the OpenSea platform, the NFTs can now be purchased, and an auction will take place on the Ethereum network to determine who will end up with them.

It is widely acknowledged that the company is among the most significant judo gi makers in the entire world. It has provided apparel for competition to the national judo teams of Japan, the United States of America, Brazil, and France.

The company stated that it had commissioned a digital artist by the name of Ryokke Draw to make artworks that incorporated images of various champion judokas from Japan. The company’s claim was supported by evidence that the artworks had been created. Among them are the winners of the men’s divisions, Naohisa Takafuji and Hifumi Abe, as well as the gold medalist in the women’s 78-kilogram division, Naori Hamada, who all competed in the Tokyo Olympics.

In the past, Ryokke Draw has worked in conjunction with a number of other businesses, including ESPN, to generate digital artwork related to mixed martial arts (MMA).

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Mizuno is best known outside of the world of martial arts as a manufacturer of footwear for the sports of running and soccer. The company was founded in 1889. (also known as football). The firm is one of the principal sponsors of the Osaka Marathon, which is a race that has been awarded a World Athletics Gold Label and is generally considered to be one of the most important athletic events that takes place in Japan.

The non-financial prizes (NFTs) that the company is giving away are all running-related, and they consist of seven one-of-a-kind commemorative Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro running shoes that are based on the Osaka Marathon. There is one pair of these shoes in each color of the rainbow. Each non-fictional token (NFT) has the possibility to be redeemed for a pair of “actual shoes” with the same design.

The “genuine” shoes would be the “only” ones of their kind “in the globe,” according to the information that was put on the website of the company.

In addition, the business has included three redeemable NFT soccer (football) boots within the Mizuno Alpha product line. These boots can be purchased on the company’s website.

More than Mizuno: Japanese Players Eye NFT Expansion

Mizuno indicated that the items would be placed up for sale on OpenSea, and the closing time for bids would be on March 31 at midnight, Japan Standard Time. He also mentioned that the auction would be held in Japan. The running clothing will have a starting price of 0.5 Ethereum (ETH), while the judo artwork and soccer attire will each have a starting price of 0.3 wrapped ethereum (WETH)

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NFTs have been singled out as a key economic driver by the Japanese government, and the government has made an effort to support the spread of the industry by organizing a special task force at the ministerial level. This has resulted in the government singling out NFTs as a key growth driver.

In addition, the federal government has provided NFT awards to a variety of local government organizations in an effort to stimulate the expansion of firms that are connected to the NFT.