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David Agullo

September 3, 2021

Ripple Claim Another Victory In SEC Courtroom

Ripple looks stronger in its continuous fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The tide had effectively changed in support of Ripple of late, thanks to a few legitimate victories. Accordingly, markets compensated XRP by significantly increasing its price in the former two weeks.

Let’s look at the essence of the continuous legal procedures, and the recent news that further approves Ripple in shielding itself against the SEC.

Beyond that, digital money has news in regards to its business.

Currency or Security?

The continuous saga concerning Ripple and the SEC revolves around one main inquiry: is Ripple a currency or a security? If Ripple is a security, then the SEC has authority over Ripple. If Ripple is a currency, then the SEC doesn’t.

As insinuated toward the beginning of this article, Ripple is trending on news. The appointed authority managing the continuous case expressed in the court that Ripple is a currency.

Then, at that point Ripple and its legal counselors were allowed admittance to earlier SEC filings regarding Ripple. This is a significant phase because Ripple’s law experts can go over those updates exhaustively. Should the legitimate team find any language that shows the SEC at any point indicated, or expressed outright, that XRP is a currency, the case might be over.

This news reinforced Ripple’s case that it has been a currency from the beginning. Markets have reacted in kind, and the cost of Ripple has significantly increased in a few weeks.

Ripple’s Case Strengthens Again

The Latest news shows that the SEC was utilizing illicit terrorizing strategies against Ripple internationally. Based on reports from Cryptolaw, it appears to be the SEC was giving reminders of understanding to governments regarding XRP’s business. Ripple’s legal advisors have found proof of at least 11 MOUs in which the SEC endeavored to impact overseas elements to give documentation regarding Ripple.

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U.S. court rules say that the SEC can’t commit foreign governments to deliver data on Ripple’s colleagues working in those separate nations.

It looks increasingly conceivable that the crypto will win its case against the SEC. So if we expect Ripple will be viewed as a currency moving forward, how does Ripple’s business look in such a manner?

XRP: Increasing Southeast Asia Footprint

One business case for Ripple’s utility is as an on-request liquidity instrument in cross-line settlements and exchanges. RippleNet allows smooth global payments, and the organization is growing its network of partners in that regard. Ripple and Novatti Group consented to produce an organization wherein Novatti Group will use RippleNet to handle a large number of settlements in the Philippines. The organization plans to begin with the Philippines and grow out to other Southeast Asian countries.

Ripple recently extended its Southeast Asian footprint in late March when it gained 40% of Tranglo, a cross-line payments organization in the area. The crypto is going on in working out its payments business. Readers should comprehend that XRP is fundamentally useful for this reason.

The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually whether Ripple is effective in cutting down the obstructions which plague cross-line payments. I’d say that at this moment, the cost of XRP is probably going to shoot up again, as the legal procedures are hoping to support Ripple. The expanded business network just helps the contention that Ripple makes sense now.