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James Carter

January 23, 2023

Rarible Unveils Free NFT Marketplace Builder on Polygon

Prominent NFT marketplace and protocol On January 18, Rarible debuted its NFT marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections. Any Polygon-based NFT collection will have access to the new self-service tool, which will enable them to construct their very own individualized marketplaces and engage with their communities at no cost.

“Community markets are going to turn into an entry point for new users to access the NFT market.” They make the process of purchasing and selling NFTs considerably simpler, which, in turn, makes it much easier for new users to join the platform. In an interview with Cryptonews.com, Rarible Co-founder and CEO Alexei Falin shared his thoughts.

Rarible provides the same service on Ethereum already, and it has been used by a number of different projects, including Smircs, Rally, and Not Your Bro, to mention a few of them. According to the corporation, Polygon Punks will serve as the initial business alliance partner for the Polygon community marketplace builder.

“We feel that every project ought to have its own marketplace because we believe that community marketplaces are the wave of the future when it comes to purchasing and selling NFTs.” According to Falin, the self-service tool is essential for making this happen. The polygon non-fungible token market has been gaining a significant amount of interest. Polygon was the obvious choice when it came time to decide which chain would be the next to be supported by our marketplace builder tool.

After that, he said, “Polygon has become the blockchain of choice for a lot of big businesses, Web3 projects, and games..” “Polygon has continued to grow and change, even though we live in uncertain times, and has shown that it can attract a lot of people.”

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Customers have access to a wide variety of possibilities through the Rarible NFT marketplace builder, such as the ability to mint NFTs on Polygon and construct personalized shops without needing prior knowledge of coding or incurring additional expenditures. In addition to these features, they also offer a tool for putting together collections from other well-known secondary markets.

Because the marketplace builder works with both Ethereum ERC-721 collections and ERC-1155 collections, developers can now use a wide range of blockchains.

Rarible-powered community marketplaces will require royalty fees on all transactions within their user interface, as the company recently expressed in a blog post. This is in contrast to the current trend seen in other marketplaces for non-fiat currencies, which is to provide users with the option of not paying royalties for their usage of the platform.