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November 27, 2021

Meet Munir Moe the 20yr old investor that made a fortune with SHIB

Entrepreneur Munir Moe, investor of Shiba Inu meme coin since early days gained a notorious experience in the crypto field. He has created an automated, low leverage, trading system that allows for intelligent and automated share trading into the pairs that have more volatility. Through this method, he was able to garner profits in excess. The strategy by Munir is seeing profits of at least 30% month on month.

The first 6 months of the life of his strategy have been exceptionally, but not surprisingly, profitable. Connecting to the Binance exchange using an API and locally stored user details, the software can source the most likely profitable opportunities and begin trading – completely autonomously. Not only is the software able to work unsupervised, but it is also extremely good at it. He and his partners are watching 20% increases in their balances every single month.

“… 20% profit on balances every month, since he started in March 2018.”

The trading strategy is the culmination of many years of experience of both Munir Moe and his business partner, making low leverage systems work for them. The system they have created enables people to trade and profit, quickly, easily and with no effort on their part – even if they have never traded before. The strategy needs a balance of at least $5000 to work.

From being born in a humble village, Munir has not had the usual life. Starting his career as a Trading Analyst. Munir was heading to the brilliant progress of many years bringing him a fortune with $SHIB. Munir had been trading since he was 16 years old, and his experience in this field is evident in the staggering success of his profitable strategy.

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