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David Agullo

August 17, 2021

Free Ton Unveils Ton Swap 2.0? What is Different in The New Swap?

Thanks to its unique dynamic sharing mechanism. Free TON is a fast, secure, and scalable network that can process millions of transactions per second. It is on a mission to encourage millions of people to use decentralized solutions. In addition to its unlimited sharing model, Free TON has immediate hypercube routing and proof-of-stake mechanics to validate transactions.

The Free TON project has evolved into one of the most technologically stunning platforms, still in its early stages of maturation but already showing signs of its ability to disrupt the Defi area. With unrivalled scalability, incredibly low transaction costs (usually less than.001 percent of the transaction), steadfast security, and a merit-based token distribution, it’s a no-brainer.


Installing more features: With the launch of the beta version of the Free TON 2.0, Token Constructor is included in the second version of TON Swap. This is a revolutionary new feature that will allow Free TON to act as a launchpad for companies that want to build and launch their tokens. The tokens will be tip-3 tokens powered by TON Swap . It will allow creators to easily create their DAOs and independent protocols.

Amplified processing: Many of the drawbacks of utilizing cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases, such as long transaction times and high costs, are eliminated by using the TON Crystal. Bitcoin and Ethereum can now handle approximately 7 and 15 TPS, respectively. Whereas TON can process millions of TPS, making it quicker than VISA and MasterCard. Users of the TON will be able to make transactions.

Easy transfer: TON is a free community. Decentralization has several benefits for the blockchain, including increased network resilience and fewer hazards of centralized control over the blockchain. Users benefit because cryptocurrency coins can be moved directly from one person to another without the use of a ‘middleman’. It’s as simple as sending an email.

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Dynamic Mapping: Free Ton, on the other hand, is the first blockchain to use Dynamic Mapping (automatic data refresh). In essence, the system has been built around the world’s largest blockchain network. Even without tweaking the settings, it would be able to achieve a 40 to 60 thousand operations/Second over three months.

Will Attract new audience: The new launch has been attempting to attract as many people as possible to the platform while also freeing the programmer from the constraints that have plagued it for the past six months. We demonstrate that software cannot be restricted; it is unrestricted.

Speed: At the time, Free Ton is the quickest blockchain, with the best performance and the shortest latency. They are also increasing and enhancing speed since it’s the most important factor. The number of transactions that one can make in a second is the most important factor for users.

Good Operating System: The fact that we have committed our resources not only in the development of the platform, but also in the operating system, but the essence, is an operating system that connects developers with users, makes TON even more distinctive. It offers a sophisticated front end and numerous development tools that make development faster, cheaper, and easier.

All these features are revolutionary in themselves that will allow Free TON to act as a launchpad for companies that want to build and launch their tokens and enhance their complete digital asset management. The tip-3 tokens, which will be powered by TON Swap, will let creators quickly establish their DAOs and independent protocols.