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August 17, 2022

Dutch officials claim the code for Tornado Cash may be malicious

More news on Tornado Cash. It “may be punished,” according to Dutch authorities, if a developer builds code “with the express goal of conducting illegal crimes,” according to the nonprofit DeFi Education Fund.

The Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), which last week detained a 29-year-old developer in Amsterdam in connection with Tornado Cash, has provided this most recent information.

Developer for Tornado Cash Alexey Pertsev was the individual detained, according to The Block.

“Regarding the concerns, developing a tool is not prohibited, but if a tool has been developed solely for the purpose of committing crimes, such as to hide criminal money flows, then posting online or making a developed tool available may be punishable, “In response to inquiries from the DeFi Education Fund, FIOD wrote a letter.

Ethereum transactions are hidden by the Tornado Cash app. Traders who wish to protect their anonymity have utilized it, but it has also come under investigation from government authorities.

Dozens of the project’s cryptocurrency wallets were added to the OFAC’s sanction list on August 8 by the United States.

Tornado Cash was often used for lawful causes, “Max Bernstein, who oversees communications for the DeFi Education Fund, informed Decrypt through email. It must be understood that writing and releasing code must be protected in free societies and that violating someone’s privacy is not illegal while we wait for the publication of the developer’s particular charges.

The governance forum and the Discord server linked to Tornado Cash have been disabled since the arrest last week. Decrypt was also informed by a project official that the project’s code had been taken down from GitHub, but that “Tornado Cash contracts are unaffected” by this.

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Tuesday saw Kraken CEO Jesse Powell join a growing number of business titans in denouncing the penalties. The U.S. prohibition on the app, he told Bloomberg, is “unconstitutional.”