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May 3, 2022

Dfinity is suing Meta for using its logo

The Dfinity Foundation, the creator of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), has filed a lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company, Meta, for using the infinite symbol as its logo.

Dfinity claims in the case, filed in California, that Meta utilizes the mark for the same reason it opted to register it.

Dfinity registered the logo for decentralized platforms and blockchain technology services with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2018. This is akin to Meta, which disclosed its Metaverse ambitions after rebranding from Facebook.

As a result, Dfinity says that Meta is using the brand to attract the same consumers that it is.

The non-profit charity claimed to have used the logo since 2017, yet Meta did not register it until March 2022. It further said that the color palette was not claimed as a characteristic of the mark.

As a result, the fact that its logo and Meta’s logo differ in color is irrelevant. It claims to be the exclusive proprietor of all variants of the logo.

The lawsuit’s facts were originally made public by Trademark attorney Josh Gorben, who shared them on Twitter. According to the complaint, Dfinity fears Meta’s usage of its emblem would impair its reputation.

“Dfinity’s development of the Internet Computer, as well as its potential to recruit customers, would be seriously hampered if people associated Dfinity with Meta’s shady online privacy background.”

Dfinity further argues that Meta was aware of its usage of the mark yet proceeded with registration nevertheless.

“Meta opted to pursue registration in some of the same or similar locations in which Dfinity has previously secured registration for its mark.”

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Furthermore, there are parallels between the regions of registration requested by both organizations. Meta utilized the same definition of “Good and Services” as Dfinity in their trademark application.

The foundation is now asking the court to bar Meta from using the logo and to award damages for “severe reputational loss.”

It is difficult to predict Dfinity’s prospects of winning the case because other businesses, like Infinity Speakers, Microsoft Visual Studio, Infinity Wealth Management, and others, utilize the symbol as their mark.

Dfinity rose to prominence following the demise of its ICP token. ICP is presently trading for roughly $13, representing a significant drop in the asset’s value, which was as high as $700 in May of last year.