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October 11, 2022

Ever Heard Of Dan Hollings or The Plan? If You Invest In Crypto You’ll Want To Know About This

Dan Hollings The Plan

By Coinposters

Today, crypto investing is still widely considered to be a ground floor opportunity. Add to that the growing number of ways to invest in crypto with very little barrier to entry, and you have an asset class and risk tolerance to match the taste of just about every investor. These factors make crypto investing an extremely exciting consideration especially with the near term projections for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It’s no secret that the crypto market has been in a long-term crash for this entire year so far. With there being no way to know how much longer it will last, many weary investors have questioned the soundness of even the most popular crypto investing strategy; the HODL. To HODL is simply to buy and hold and possibly the biggest downfall to this strategy is that in most cases your crypto is sitting idle just as cash under a mattress does.

Not many HODL’ers realize that there is a conservative way to put those stacks of crypto coins to work while HODL’ing them. One of the safest and most lucrative ways is with a HODL bot which is capable of producing passive income by pairing a stable coin with a HODL worthy coin inside of a crypto bot.

Sounds complicated? Not at all actually, because a crypto bot is simply the pairing of two cryptos together and when executed correctly, this crypto bot can generate automatic profits in addition to a capital gain (similar to a real estate rental property).

These crypto bots can be used to generate fast passive income when a well chosen (volatile) coin is paired with a stable coin to create the bot. This is a very new, very volatile instrument that can really deliver impressive returns. It can also sit stagnant if deliberate actions are not taken at the right time.

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There are ways to mitigate these potential lulls and losses by gearing your bots toward the highest possible profits and this can be achieved with very specific settings when the bot is being constructed. The question is “What settings?”

As is usually the case with highly desirably knowledge like this there are a couple of ways to find it out.

  1. Trial and error which often results in lost time and money with no guarantee of success.
  2. Following a proven system someone else discovered after their trial and error. The problem is finding a system worth following.

When a step-by-step money making formula like this is mapped out and made available it can often come at great expense, but not for Coinposters readers.

Enter Dan Hollings, creator of The Plan and the world’s #1 crypto trading course with well over 57 million dollars in sales of this program. Dan spent several years studying and investing in the crypto market, and he has cracked the code and found a way to teach even beginners how to make passive income investing in crypto bots.

Dan has created a special report that blows the lid off this strategy and shows eager investors how the crypto bot trading system really works, and today Coinposters loyalists can get it now free of charge, but it will only be available for a limited.

If adding a new conservative dimension to your crypto investing sounds interesting, we suggest you download this free report now, or watch associated video training that may be available. Both contain information that could greatly improve your net worth.

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