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September 23, 2022

Crypto Exchange Meaning: What To Know

Both inexperienced and seasoned investors need to choose where and how to trade in cryptocurrencies, as well as whether or not it is worthwhile to stake tokens, which is a method of receiving incentives or interest for holding particular cryptocurrencies. This includes making the decision to trade on a cryptocurrency exchange and educating yourself on how you will utilize the platform.

Crypto Exchange Meaning

A platform that allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency is known as a crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges not only provide trading services, but they also provide storage for cryptocurrency and the ability to find prices based on trade activity.

Before the advent of crypto exchanges, the only way for individuals to obtain cryptocurrency was either via the process of mining or through the organization of transactions in a variety of online and offline forums.

There are now hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, each providing a different selection of digital assets along with differing degrees of security and fees connected with those levels. It is up to you to locate the exchanges and digital assets that are suitable for your specific requirements, in terms of both price range and level of expected security.

Types of Crypto Exchange

1. Centralized Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange that is formed and managed by a single entity is referred to be centralized. These exchanges are regarded to be centralized since one entity is responsible for monitoring all of the transactions and determining the regulations and fees that apply to the exchange.

For instance, Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com, Kraken, and FTX are all examples of successful cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that they have created and operate themselves. When you utilize the firms’ browser-based platforms or mobile applications to purchase or trade cryptocurrencies, the companies stand to gain money. This is because the companies provide both types of platforms.


Pros and Cons of CEXs


  • When it comes to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies on their platform, centralized crypto exchanges ensure high protection for the investors’ cash.
  • High levels of trading liquidity for cryptocurrencies are often seen on centralized exchanges. This allows for the exchange of cryptocurrency at the agreed-upon price with little slippage.
  • When it comes to the financial authorities in the countries where they operate, most centralized exchanges are registered.
  • The majority of centralized exchanges strive to make their platforms as intuitive as possible for their users by including clear instructions on how to use the site.


  • Hackers target centralized exchanges because they rely on a “hot wallet” to provide users access to the site.
  • Most centralized exchanges will charge you a fee to use their platform.

2. Decentralized Exchanges

Trading cryptocurrencies takes place on a decentralized exchange, which is a computer software that handles the transactional details automatically. A DeX might be created and managed by an individual or a group. Like other DeFi programs, however, it is actively managed by a distributed network of computers. This means that once the platform is up and running, no one body has authority over it.

In contrast to a CeX, a DeX does not need the creation of an account. As an alternative, you may visit the DeX’s web-based software and link your cryptocurrency wallet there. The DeX will next attempt to execute your order to purchase or sell cryptocurrency.

Pros and Cons


  • Complete command over your crypto assets.
  • You are exempt from creating an account or proving your identity in any way.
  • Provides access to cryptocurrencies even if they are not listed on CeXs.
  • It is possible that its transaction costs would be cheaper than those of a CeX.
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  • It may be more difficult to use and navigate.
  • If someone manages to hack the DEX, you run the risk of having your money stolen.
  • There is the possibility of an extra charge for each transaction.
  • In the event that there is a problem, you could be on your own.

Tips For When Choosing An Exchange

Tight Security

No matter whether you want to leave your cryptocurrency holdings in the exchange permanently or only store them there for a short period of time before transferring them to your own wallet, the security of the exchange is of paramount importance. Check how much of the exchange’s assets are kept offline, in hard storage, as one example.

Flexing withdrawal and deposit methods

Considerations in selecting an exchange include the availability of a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, such as bank wire, Skrill, Neteller, debit and credit cards, crypto, etc.

Reasonable Fees

Fees are yet another factor to think about, but you shouldn’t automatically rule out an exchange just because its fees are large. When weighed against the benefits of the additional security and insurance offered by the larger and more widely used exchanges, the higher prices they charge may be justified.

P2P Trading

P2P trading platforms should absolutely be included, in particular for those nations in which it is illegal for banks to operate as middlemen for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Amount of Tokens Offered

An increase in the number of potential investors at a cryptocurrency exchange is directly proportional to the firm’s selection of cryptocurrencies. This also results in an increase in the daily volume traded on such exchanges.

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Like traditional brokers, crypto exchanges ease the buying and selling of digital currency. You may store your digital assets in a more secure manner and with more options with these services than you would with wallet software you manage on your own.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have begun to provide custodial key storage to its customers. But you should utilize this service with caution since cryptocurrency exchanges are often desired targets for hackers.

You should do your own research to choose the cryptocurrency exchange and digital assets that best meet your requirements. You should also know that there is a wide range of crypto exchanges. Some of which are only accessible through a mobile device. Others of which need the use of highly specialized and powerful computers, and yet others of which charge various fees.