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December 30, 2021

Gods Unchained: A Dive Into the Play-to-Earn Trading Card Game

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn trading card game where players engage in epic duels with fantasy cards. The game is designed to revolutionize the way games are played by utilizing Ethereum technology to empower players with genuine digital ownership as well as the ability to acquire items that actually matter. 

The native GODS token, which serves as a payment system throughout the game, can be earned by players. Rare cards have a distinct real-world worth since they can be sold for GODS, which can then be converted into fiat currency. This strategy incentivizes users to participate by giving them entire control of the valuable items they amass over time.


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When the game’s first mythic card was sold in 2018, it was announced for the first time. They’ve sold millions of cards since then, earned $15 million in Series A investment, and released their first season of the game. The game, like other NFT and crypto-based games, is gaining in popularity, attracting people who wish to earn money while having fun.

How it Works

Gods Unchained functions similarly to other online strategy games, with its own currency such as “gold” or “credits.” These currencies, on the other hand, take users’ real money and convert it for a more pleasant in-game experience. The in-game currency in Gods Unchained is real money. Players can use the game’s marketplace to acquire and sell cards in order to construct a deck that will win more matches and collect more cards as they do so.

Gods Unchained has a large number of players and great sales since it became popular. Gods Unchained’s events and competitions have been a huge success in terms of promoting the game and the community. The Gods Unchained development team is also working on releasing a mobile version of the game so that more players can connect.

The 6 main characters of the game are : God of Light, Goddess of Death, God of War, Goddess of Nature, God of Magic, and Goddess of Deception 

Getting Started

To start playing Gods Unchained, simply follow the steps below:

  • Gods Unchained’s official website may be found here.
  • Complete the account creation process.
  • Download and install the program on your PC
  • A verification email will be sent to you to confirm your account.
  • Run the program in the “Immutable” mode.
  • To begin the game, you must first log in.
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For their first experience, the new user will be requested to play a tutorial game. After learning the basics, the player can go on to the various game types. There are three game modes available right now:

Solo Game mode: The player may compete against the computer to see how good they are.
Ranked Game mode: The gamer can win rewards by rising through the ranks.
Direct challenge: In a duel, gamers can compete against their friends.

What’s Unique About It?

The most compelling feature of Gods Unchained is that it provides players complete control over all of the in-game things they acquire. These products have a market-determined real-world worth and can be exchanged on NFT markets in the same way that traditional printed cards can be bartered in physical card games.

Another major plus is that Gods Unchained intends to employ Immutable X to streamline deals more efficiently . Immutable X is a decentralized exchange that scales Ethereum trades and offers traders near-instantaneous transactions for very cheap or no gas costs.

On a layer 2 Ethereum network, Gods Unchained mints goods as NFTs. Players who hold one of these cards have a valuable digital asset. Cards can be traded in for the game’s GODS currency, which can then be exchanged for real money. The Gods Unchained initiative might tackle a major problem in gaming: in-game purchases can be rather costly for players, with billions spent each year. Gods Unchained allows users to earn money and trade cards just by playing the game.


Gods Unchained aims to break the game industry’s mold by granting users ultimate control over their digital assets. Future upgrades will include a slew of entertaining enhancements, according to the makers. The game quickly became popular, and it attracted a large number of players. As a result, gross sales have improved as well. By now, more than $7 million in cards have been swapped, and blockchain fans regard this game as the next best thing. It will become even more popular if the native coin, GODS, is made accessible on other markets. It is unquestionably a game worth playing and profiting from. Blockchain games will eventually conquer the market, so get started today and welcome to the future!