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March 25, 2022

GameFi PlotX Adds a P2E Feature

PlotX is a long-term X-2-earn GameFi ecosystem that aims to strategically reinvent P2E gaming and user rewards. The project’s goal is to provide P2E inclusion to a diverse variety of gaming fans and gamers. The project offers lowering the barrier to entry with gasless transactions for individuals in order to maximize monetization on the platform for profitability through its unique strategy and concept.

The initiative promises to pave the way for consumers to discover a vast array of earning opportunities in the P2E industry. PlotX is expanding its boundaries beyond prediction markets and into a gamified environment where players from all around the world may optimize their earning potential.

The X-2-Earn GamFi protocol will enable new and interesting methods to produce P2E incentives for users through iconic NFTs and novel play-to-earn mechanisms by expanding its predict2win platform. Users can explore potential beyond simply collecting prizes for correctly predicting cryptocurrency.

PlotX allows gamers and token holders to earn money by staking their PLOT tokens. By staking their $PLOT on the site, they may profit passively without making any predictions. This is one of the ways PlotX is developing a long-term P2E ecosystem that will enable new gaming experiences.

PlotX is fast evolving into a scalable Web 3.0 economy by leveraging the highly scalable Polygon network. By mid-January 2022, the budding blockchain-powered initiative had attracted over 80k participants, expanding at a 144 percent month-on-month rate. PlotX’s quick development appears to be attracting more Web 3.0 users to prediction markets.

The platform includes a solution for automated market building, crypto-asset price forecasts, rewards settlement, automated prediction computation, liquidity mining for any price feed, and the ability to earn rewards on high-yield prediction markets. PlotX also has innovative features for the typical Web 2.0 user who wants to be a part of the burgeoning cryptocurrency business. PlotX simplifies the understanding of DeFi and GameFi for consumers.

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This opens the door for anyone to participate in Web 3.0 and explore a rich economy where they may earn up to 400% returns on every contribution. PlotX is well-positioned to welcome more people into the Web 3.0 economy, enabling widespread use and mainstream adoption of blockchain-based games, thanks to its exceptional approach to gaming, forecasts, and P2E monetization.

PlotX has raised $5 million in Pre-Series Round A funding from Hashed, Polygon Studios, Animoca Brands, Alpha Wave Global (previously Falcon Edge), and power angels like Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder Polygon), Alan Howard, and others (Co-Founder Brevan Howard Asset Management). Polygon Studios also contributed $2 million to the project.

Previously, in late 2020, the project secured $2.7 million in initial fundraising rounds from reputable players such as NGC Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, Origin Capital, and 3Commas. With $5 million collected, the initiative is preparing to expand its worldwide reach even further.