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December 2, 2021

NFT slides, FTX.US includes Ethereum NFTs and more

A lot is going on in the world of NFTs. Innovators and stakeholders are busy making profitable and interesting projects. Here are some of those developments:

Warner Bros’ Matrix NFT

Astronomical demand for the Matrix NFT avatar by Warner Bros’ continues. The demand was so large on Nifty’s that it led to that processes payments to crash.

Some weeks ago, Warner Bros studio announced that it be releasing some more NFTs for sale. This is an element of their promotional campaign strategy for their latest movie. “Matrix Resurrection” is an addition to the Matrix series. Many ardent fans have waited for years for Warner Bros to make and release the Matrix Resurrection. Matrix Resurrection will be playing in theatres from the 22nd December 2021 in the U.S. and other parts of the world later. The studio plans to sell 100,000 individualistic Matrix-inspired avatars. They plan to sell each of these NFTs for US$ 50. On the 30th of November, over 300,000 Matrix fans stood waiting for the drop. Nifty’s had to continuously commence and cease the queue because it kept reaching maximum capacity. Their platform could not smoothly handle the demand.

Unfortunately, this was not the only infrastructural issue that they experienced. More disruptions happened after the queue was ceased multiple times. The purchase button simply did not work at times. Some users were moved up or down the queue, randomly. In addition, some transactions failed at the checkout mark. Fortunately, Nifty is working hard at addressing all of these issues. Nifty has apologized to fans for all the mishaps and even offered fans that queued on the 30th November 2021 the opportunity to redeem a “glitch in the Matrix” NFT for their troubles.

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Baby Shark NFTs

NFTs of this character will soon be released by their creators, Pinkfong. Baby Shark has seen broad popularity and surprise success for its enchanting kid’s song. The NFTs that Pinkfong will release will show content from the music video. The array of nonfungible tokens includes 1/1 and five limited ones. The nonfungible tokens show the Baby Shark character with its family of five. These are in a series of animated holographic GIFs with a background of new and original music.

Interested in buying these NFTs? You can find them for auction or sale on Makersplace in December 2021. The company has planned to offset the carbon emission emitted from the sale using the environmental sustainability services of Aerial, a platform that offers these types of services. So far, the video of Baby Shark on Youtube has racked in over 9.7 million views.

Students Raise US$3,000 towards MBA Scholarship Fund

Students at INSEAD’s Paris branch managed to crowdfund US$3,000. These funds were collected for the school’s scholarship fund called The “Robin Hood” fund. They raised these funds through the sale of nonfungible tokens. These NFTs were created by Ferinand Issels, Michelle Yu, and two others. These NFTs are Nyan cat-inspired. The NFT depicts the fictional hero, Robin Hood, riding a salamander. The salamander represents a connection with the school as the school’s emblem also depicts it.

The NFT has been titled “RobinGood #1”. This project was part of the students’ fundraising campaign for the school’s fund that helps scholars with financial needs. The NFT was sold at auction and is now owned by Alberto Marega, a former student of the school.

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FTX Now Supports Ethereum NFTs

FTX.US stated today that its NFT marketplace has increased capabilities by now supporting Ethereum based NFTs. These collectibles are now available on FTX.US. Some of the collectibles you will find there include: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and Pudgy Penguins.