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September 11, 2022

Google Adds A Countdown For Ethereum Merge

A “doodle” on the world’s most popular website is displaying a countdown to the Ethereum merge as a show of support.

The news comes as Ethereum’s long-awaited switch to a less energy-intensive proof of stake method of transaction validation is only 3.5 days away, according to Google’s calculations.

When you search for “Ethereum merge” in Google’s search engine, you will now see a countdown clock, the difficulty rate (which is the number of times a miner has to compute the hashes in order to record a block of transactions), the hash rate (which is the total combined computing power being utilized on the global network), and a cartoon of two joyful bears approaching one other with their arms extended.

If everything goes according to plan, the two bears will soon merge into a single panda, which has acted as the transition’s unofficial symbol. The appearance of the doodle indicates that even the largest technology companies are anticipating the merger.

One of the first persons to promote the doodle on Twitter was a Google Web3 team developer.

He highlighted that the rapid implementation of capabilities connected to Google’s search engine is unusual.

Google staff wanted to build an “interesting easter egg” for Ethereum’s upcoming shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, according to Padilla, who said that the concept was proposed within the last few weeks. The concept originated inside the company’s Web3 community conversations.

In response to a Twitter user, Padilla said that the data is being pulled in real-time straight from Ethereum’s network via Google-hosted nodes.

The company’s involvement in Web3 has increased, and it now offers blockchain infrastructure services using Google Cloud. The firm cites Nansen, Dapper Labs, and Solana as some of its business partners on the website dedicated to its Web3 products. In May, Google announced the formation of a Web3 team.

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