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June 25, 2022

Ethereum merger stalled? Developers fear Shadow Fork

As a result of a recent Ethereum Core Devs Meeting, various concerns relating to the merging client teams were found.

Developers are optimistic about their ability to combine the Sepolia testnet by July 6th, despite the problems.

The difficulties surrounding Wednesday’s 7th mainnet shadow fork were extensively discussed at the dev meeting. The developers claim that the merging was a failure. After the activation, 20% of the nodes fell off, and considerably more fell subsequently.

According to an independent researcher, the Erigon nodes were experiencing problems because of the nature of shadow forks rather than the merging itself.

As with Hyperledger Besu nodes, a concurrency flaw in the nodes using bonsai tries was the root cause of the problem. Besu is used by a quarter of the network validators. Following the merge’s activation, some validators encountered problems.

Other clients have found a problem, although the main cause of this is currently being researched.

On the other hand, the developers are sure that they will be able to release a testnet merge on July 6, 2022.

Gray Glacier’s hard fork will take place on June 29th, as you should know. This hard fork will move the Ice Age/Difficulty Bomb upgrade back by 700,000 blocks as a result of the changes made. That’s around the length of a year.

Customers have plenty of time to prepare for any software difficulties that may arise after the Gray Glacier update on the 6th of July, thanks to the Sepolia deployment.

After the merger, the Ethereum supply will be reduced by three Bitcoin halvings. It’s been speculated by prominent cryptocurrency investor and investor Lark Davis that a successful merger might result in more demand for Ethereum and a decrease in supply, causing its price to soar.

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As of right now, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has risen by nearly 21% to $1,220. After a successful merger, it’s unclear how it will alter the trend.