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August 30, 2022

Ethereum Developer Issues Warning Before Merge

The Ethereum Merge is anticipated to take place on September 15 as Ethereum clients and developers prepare for the merging of Mainnet (execution layer) and Beacon Chain (consensus layer). Tuesday, Ethereum engineer Marius Van Der Wijden cautioned that operating several consensus layer nodes on a single execution layer node, such as Geth, is risky and will result in execution problems.

An Ethereum developer working on Go Ethereum, Marius Van Der Wijden, tweeted on August 30 that it is hazardous to operate several consensus layer (CL) nodes on a single execution layer (EL) node.

Multiple validators may be executed on a single consensus layer node and execution layer node. Running several consensus layer nodes on a single execution layer, however, will result in failures. The combo may work for a while, but it will eventually fail.

Different consensus layer nodes will exchange varying state information with execution layer nodes, leading in execution conflicts. Therefore, it is essential that the execution layer and consensus layer nodes have a 1:1 connection.

“The CL determines the EL’s head. If two nodes inform it of their (differing) worldviews, it will flip flop and re-execute a large number of blocks. As seen in the image, the node alternates between the head and head -2k.”

The Ethereum clients have published upgrades to the execution and consensus layers. The clients of the consensus layer include Lighthouse, Lodestar, Nimbus, Prysm, and Teku. In contrast, the clients of the execution layer include Besu, Erigon, Go Ethereum, and Nethermind.

The nodes must update both CL and EL clients for the Merge to be successfully implemented. Before the Merge, the Bellatrix update will occur on the Beacon Chain on September 6 at 11:34 a.m. UTC, and the Paris update will occur on the execution layer on September 15. Thus, the execution layer or Ethereum Mainnet will combine with the consensus layer or Beacon Chain.

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Although the Ethereum (ETH) price will be deflationary after the Merge, community enthusiasm is building. A positive mood is pushing the price of ETH to increase.

In the last 24 hours, the price of Ethereum has increased by about 10%, reaching $1,584 at press time. However, owing to whales selling and over $2 billion in options expiring after the Merge on September 30, the price increase may be temporary.