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December 4, 2021

Randi Zuckerberg campaigning for more Women Involvement

OKCoin recently appointed Randi Zuckerberg to help them on their mission. OKCoin aims to get 50% women representation in cryptocurrency customers by 2025. VentureBeat reported this interesting development. The outlet stated that Randi Zuckerberg would become the first brand advisory council member for OKCoin’s plans. OKCoin intends on investing US$1 million to accomplish this goal of 50% representation of women.

About Randi Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is an American businessperson whose net worth is about US$ 200 Million. She is the former director of market development and spokesperson for Facebook. Zuckerberg is now the CEO of Zuckerberg Media and the Zuckerberg Institute and will now wear this mantle too of a member of brand advisory council member.

About OKCoin

OKCoin is a cryptocurrency platform where users spot trade between fiat and digital assets. Users can easily purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. Furthermore, users can also earn cryptocurrency rewards. OKCoin is considered a secure exchange for transactions. It utilizes the most current encryption technology to protect the platform from hackers. Among some of the security measures, the employ is two-factor authentication for logins and withdrawals. The company has offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Miami, Malta, Singapore, and Japan. They state that they are a group of global citizens with one passion. This passion is to further decentralize finance and make a fairer economic situation the world over.

OKCoin’s Mission for Inclusivity

OKCoin announced their next phase in their mission towards equality and inclusiveness. This is to bring more women to crypto investing. Cryptocurrency technology is inclusive. This is because cryptocurrency is permissionless. It brings something of a democracy for all to earn a decent living and even much more. Women have made significant contributions in cryptocurrency. However, women remain significantly under-represented in the sector.

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Some recent research showed that there were half as many women involved in cryptocurrency investment as men.

Zuckerberg’s Interest in Inclusivity for Women

Overall, Heather Landy gave an interesting perspective in an article. This article was on Zuckerberg’s interest in new tech. Landy stated that during the 10 year period that Zuckerberg was employed at Facebook she gained some insights. Zuckerberg discovered how male-dominated the industry was. The Harvard graduate ended being the only woman in rooms where decisions were being made.

In an interview with Quartz, Zuckerberg made two suggestions for women. The first suggestion she made was that women should have names that sound male. The second suggestion she made was that women should consider finding niches in the sector that are as yet in their infancy of development. Zuckerberg’s theory is that women will then find spaces that are not yet filled with gender bias. Zuckerberg stated that this gender bias pervades the rest of the global tech industry. Spaces with most gender bias being those that are fully established.

Women should invest in the future

She added that this is why she has started investing in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cannabis. Zuckerberg quit her job at Facebook to become a powerhouse in her own right. She is now a best-selling author, entrepreneur, radio host, and angel investor. Back in 2018, Zuckerberg said she thought those new industries would be the next booming business areas. Now, cryptocurrency prices are booming. Blockchain is gaining more and more ground. One can easily see her predictions were right. Zuckerberg said getting in on the start will help women have an equal playing field. This means women will not end up playing o catch up with incumbents.

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Comments on the Developments

This is an interesting direction that OKCoin is taking. It development is something that would catch the attention of many women and especially new investors among them.