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November 29, 2021

Neurodiversity and Support for Art Non-profits by Moon Landing Project

Just like physical art pieces, NFTs can be sold at an auction for charity or donated. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are certificates of ownership. NFTs represent digital works of art, music, videos, memorabilia, audio, and other items. They have since emerged as a very popular asset. This is because they allow creatives to make and sell their work.

The world’s biggest nonfungible token marketplace recently exceeded US$1.6 billion in monthly trading volumes.

Advantages of NFTs

Nonfungible tokens will attract tax generous deductions if you decide to donate to nonprofit groups. Additionally, if a creative sells their NFT, they also stand a chance of earning royalties of up to 10%. This is through smart contracts and algorithms that execute on the blockchain and allow creators to earn as well, in compensation from indirect sales.

NFTs can fund the building of a college in rural Malawi to finance the assistance of paramedics in a pandemic.

Lisa Slominski and Nick Dehadray, the founders of Moon Landing, told a media outlet about their coming NFT auction. Moon Landing is a neurodiversity initiative that’s just started up in the NFT space. The upcoming auction is set to assist contemporary artists with intellectual disabilities and the studio they work for. The array of art is titled “NFToons”. Is currently available for preview. A public auction of the works will art on January 2022.

The artists behind The collection

The collection’s pieces of art were made by 8 artists in total. These 8 artists are working with Project Onward. Project Onward is a non-profit organization based in Chicago, USA. This organization aids artists in several ways. These artists it supports are all individuals with some form of intellectual disability or social need. Louis Demarco and Rudy Bradford are two of the eight artists that this auction is showcasing and auctioning for.

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What are the artworks?

The artwork to be auctioned is very diverse and creative, as is the neurodiversity of the artists themselves. Bradford has a work created around the concepts of Superman and cats. The artist’s painting was selected by NFToons and animated. The initiative also had the artist sing on the soundtrack the Superman theme song as a cat rendition. Demarco’s work involved drawings, mantras, and even a screenplay or tv show. Demarco’s NFT is an illustration of two of his character’s apartments. The artist also created his soundtrack for this tv show. His audio is available for that asset.

NFToons will donate 80% of the auction’s proceeds to charity. The charity in question is the one that these artists work at called Project Onward.

Why this initiative?

The founders of Moon Landing were asked why they chose to work on this project. Slowminski shared that she had worked in the larger field of contemporary art of neurodiversity for 3 years. Dehadray stated that NFTs would be a great means for these types of artists to sell their work and command possibly better rates for their creativity.

Opportunity for NFTs to create a more equitable world for all artists

Showminski shared her thoughts on how powerful NFTs could be in creating fair earning opportunities for neurodiverse creatives from all over the world. The founder thinks NFT spaces can make matters more democratic for creatives. The space also has the potential of cutting out the middle man and allowing artists to interact directly with their audiences. They have received interest from influencers so far, including Gmoney. However, this was not without a little criticism. The project attracted a comment that they should include more diversity in the space. The challenge the initiative has, however, is a lack of visibility.

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Moon Landing hopes to grow in its efforts and this is just the beginning. They already identified two other studios that they are thinking of doing more projects within the near future, also in support of neurodiverse creatives.