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David Agullo

August 21, 2021

Utopia P2P Introduces Anonymous USD Stable Coin Backed By DAI

Utopia P2P has launched a DAI-backed anonymous USD stable coin. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer ecosystem whose development began secretly in 2013 and was formally revealed in November 2019, enabling access to safe and surveillance-resistant communication and finance. This month, the Utopia USD stable coin – UUSD – was launched.


The only way to have a free Internet is for users to be able to discover all of the sites, information, products, and services they require in the anonymous Utopia ecosystem. Because it’s hard to deliver this exclusively through the building of sites from the ground up within the ecosystem in a fair amount of time, Group 1984 has designed a robust API for Utopia that allows you to rapidly integrate any website into the ecosystem.





Utopia USD, like Crypton, the native currency of Utopia, has anonymous transactions by default and does not divulge any identifying information to its blockchain, making its history fully untraceable. Every transaction is fully anonymous and leaves no trace of its existence. Now, no other cryptocurrency offers this level of future-proof, untraceable transactions, Competing for public relations.

Private coins are vulnerable to monitoring methods like Cipher Trace because they rely on obfuscation techniques rather than true anonymity.



Market-making algorithms on numerous platforms, notably Crypton Exchange, promote the liquidity of the Utopia USD. Conversion is feasible at a fee that is close to $0. Crypton Exchange is a crypto exchange with quick deposits and automated withdrawals that is natively integrated. Domain CRP provides a censorship-resistant version of the exchange within the Utopia ecosystem.

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The Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources algorithms are used in Utopia’s blockchain. Full nodes are distributed throughout the world and participate in packet routing and validation, giving internet connectivity, RAM, and CPU resources every 15 minutes (block generation time). The usage of a dynamic multi-link routing engine with MITM (man-in-the-middle) protects the anonymity of each ecosystem user.


Other network features include instant transactions in less than 3 seconds, transaction fees 30 times lower than Ethereum, no network congestion, no KYC or transaction limits, crypto cards, voucher code generation and redemption to enable offline and paper money transfers, desktop GUI and console software for built-in API and tools for merchants, and crypto cards, voucher code generation, and redemption to enable offline and paper money transfers.



Other Utopia ecosystem components include a decentralized domain registry, multiplayer games, and the Idyll browser, which was intended to visit deep sites hosted within the Utopia ecosystem instead of Tor. The United States stable coin is built on Utopia’s serverless, gape-to-gape blockchain, which already powers an all-in-one kit for win instant messaging, encrypted email, bid dialogue, and non-public net with a leer.



Utopia takes network security very seriously, using cutting-edge encryption that has been described as “uncrackable” without the usage of quantum computers.

Their mission is to reimagine the internet and finance in a way that empowers individuals and protects them from advertisements, companies, and even governments. Utopia has taken steps to make its vision a reality.



No one has ever been able to integrate so many features with such a high level of personal data protection in a single product. Your data is stored in encrypted form thanks to cutting-edge security technology. Furthermore, technology is well-protected from the elements.

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The Crypton cryptocurrency supports the Utopia ecosystem’s financial independence, and a decentralized process for issuing new coins is objectively required for the Utopia economy to function properly by the project’s goals.